Opal Riverside Project: Buy luxury apartment, get the wrong house

Buy luxury apartments, a series of residents of Opal Riverside “dozen” when the owner of Real Estate Dat Xanh received the apartment is incomplete, still dominated by brick and stone quality. The reason is that the investor wants to accelerate the handover in advance.

Apartment “field battle”

According to the plan, it is expected that in the second quarter of 2018 Dat Xanh Real Estate officially handed over the apartment at the Opal Riverside project. However, these days, the investor has rushed to hand over the project when the project is still uneven, the quality of the apartment is reflected as too bad … When coming to accept the apartment, many customers are very unhappy with the quality builders refuse to sign handover.

Phan Q, who bought the apartment at the 7th block block B of the Opal Riverside project, said that his apartment suffered from many basic errors such as uneven walls, many wavy, convex, many paintings. , not hygienic.

According to Mr. Q, the most annoying item for the buyer is the four-pipe technical pipes laid out in the drying area. They said that the installation of technical pipes like this has both aesthetic and pollution risks, difficult to overcome when the problem. Not to mention, the actual drying area is reduced compared to the design.

In addition, customers also reflect many other faults such as waterlogged floors; The window is not closed, the rain of water under the door to enter the house; bedroom floor is blistered; Balustrade on the balcony construction, the ceiling is permeable …

At the scene of the project, also very mournful, the ground under the foot of rocky land project. Some vehicles are still working on the remaining items.

“We asked Dat Xanh to provide the test papers for the project, but they did not provide it, and announced the payment if it would not be fined,” said a client named T. urgent.

Press the customer?

By pushing forward the delivery process for almost a year, customers in addition to having to pay the last installment of the contract have to pay a very unreasonable fee while the project is still incomplete.

As reflected by Mr. Tran H. (living in District 7, buying apartments in Block B Opal Riverside project), at the end of 10/2017, he received the notice of Dat Xanh Real Estate about requesting payment of 25% of the price Contract value and maintenance fee of 2% before October 30 to proceed to hand over the apartment. In case of failure to pay the above due date, interest will be charged.

This made Mr. H. surprised by the commitment in the contract, the delivery time of Opal Riverside apartment is expected to be in the second quarter 2018. Handing over 8 months earlier made his family unable to arrange finances.

Many customers also disagree with how to hand over the apartment type of land Green Land was rushed to the company requested clarification. After that, Dat Xanh Real Estate agreed on the customer plan to take over the apartment, then 2 days later to pay the last installment and maintenance fees.

Some customers do not know the deal and are afraid of fines, so they have to pay the last installment and pay the apartment management fee for 2018 at an exorbitant price.

Mr. TDL (buy apartment in block A), despite the schedule of receiving home in late December 2017, but Dat Xanh Real Estate has collected more than his management fee of VND8 million in 2018, calculated at 11,000 dong/sqm. According to Mr. L, this fee is too high compared to the apartment in the area, while not known yet his family was moved to the project living block A is still building nowadays, many Unfinished Public Item.

Another customer said that a concrete block in Block B fell from the ground to the floor on November 17 when customers are checking the apartment. Many buyers are “scared” to get home at this time.

At present, Dat Xanh Real Estate still refuses to answer the press around the event. However, according to information we know, this project has not been tested many items from the authorities, including the acceptance of fire protection system.

Some photos of the actual Opal Riverside project:

Dirt rocks at the foot of the project, many deep holes have not been processed

Dirt rocks at the foot of the project, many deep holes have not been processed

Some of the places are still under construction while the owner forces them to take their homes

Some of the places are still under construction while the owner forces them to take their homes

The walls are muddy

The walls are muddy

The railing is sketchy

The railing is sketchy

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