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Opal Saigon Pearl For Saigon Elites

Opal Saigon Pearl (or called The Opal Tower Apartment Project) creates an ideal living space for the elites in Saigon.

Sai Gon Pearl is a famous Riverside project in Ho Chi Minh City with some works in operation. The project owns 36 modern villas, 17 commercial shophouses and the 40-storey Opal Saigon Pearl building with a series of luxurious apartments.

The Opal Saigon Pearl project area is the last stage of Saigon Pearl, which is beginning to be booked by customers and is being built to hand over on schedule to customers. This place promises to be the ideal living space for Sai Gon elites.

Vietnam Land SSG is the owner of Sai Gon Pearl project, so it is also the owner of Opal Saigon Pearl. With the success of the villa and shop house items in the project, Vietnam Land SSG is capable of creating the Opal Saigon Pearl apartment with excellent quality. Anyone who has lived in the villa or shop house of Saigon Pearl at Nguyen Huu Canh Street will understand what we are talking about.

To know how great Opal Saigon Pearl is, you can spend time referring to the post below. We hope that this helpful information will help you easily make the decision:

  1. Opal Saigon Pearl’s location – so many people like:

Opal Saigon Pearl has a favorable location. It is convenient for both trade and feng shui. This location also provides an impressive living space and view for the residents here because Opal Saigon Pearl is located on Saigon Riverside and in front of Nguyen Huu Canh Street (Address: 92 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City).

From Opal Saigon Pearl, wherever you go, it is also convenient. It takes about 3 minutes to go to the zoo, just 4 minutes to go to the Social Sciences & Humanities University or to Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV), and 5 minutes to go to Duc Ba Church, Reunification Palace, Diamond Plaza Center. You take 6-7 minutes to the Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City or Ben Thanh Market.

With the description of transportation convenience as above, this will be an ideal place to live, study and work in Saigon. It helps you save a lot of time and effort.

Although Opal Saigon Pearl is located on the front of Nguyen Huu Canh Street, it is still bordered on one side by Saigon River, and the other two sides are adjacent to apartments and green spaces. Therefore, Opal Saigon Pearl has a quiet and peaceful space.

  1. Opal Saigon Pearl Binh Thanh
    Location map Opal Saigon Pearl Binh Thanh

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    Opal Saigon Pearl – Ideal living space for Sai Gon elites

Entrepreneurs, senior civil servants, talented professionals … are very suitable subjects to live in this space because it is very convenient and quiet, the neighbors are also friendly.

Living here, your children will have a bright future because they are contacted with many successful people in society. They will also have the opportunity to develop their ability with the education system surrounding Opal Saigon Pearl.

With full facilities and security, Opal Saigon Pearl is really an ideal living place for rich family in Vietnam. Opal Saigon Pearl is considered as a jewel in the heart of Saigon city. Living here, you will feel like living in a luxurious resort in the green countryside. Not only that, the interior architecture and attractive facilities of Opal Saigon Pearl will bring you to the modern world.

You can discuss with your family to choose a nice apartment in Opal Saigon Pearl. You can also consider the long-term investment in Opal Saigon Pearl if you want to make a profit every day. The design of apartments in Opal Saigon Pearl is very luxurious and unique, if you do not live here, you can use it to make an office or make rent easily.

Currently, the project has officially received the reservations with many attractive incentives. If you want to quickly own an apartment in the satisfied location with discount, contact us right now.

Moreover, next to the Opal Saigon Pearl project is Sunwah Pearl Apartment, you should also investigate and consult this project before deciding on your apartment.

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Opal Saigon Pearl For Saigon Elites

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