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Open selling of the second phase and the opening the sample house Q2 THAO DIEN project

Pictures of the Q2 THAO DIEN project are under development

It is expected that in June, the investor from Singapore – Frasers Centrepoint Limited will open the second phase of Q2 THAO DIEN apartment project.

Information for sale phase 2 project Q2 THAO DIEN

After the first successful sale in January, the owner of Frasers Centrepoint Limited (Singapore) plans to open the second phase of Q2 THAO DIEN apartment project in June, 2018. The price of second phase Q2 THAO DIEN apartment is expected to increase about 9% compared with the first sale, falling in the range of $3,000 / sqm (from VND60 to 70 million/ sqm). According to Realestatevietnam, this price is quite reasonable for a project with good location (adjacent Metro line), beautiful design, luxury and come from reputable foreign investors.

Fraser q2 Thao Dien apartment project
The perspective of apartment project Q2 THAO DIEN

Fraser Centrepoint Limited’s Q2 THAO DIEN project is in the segment of luxury apartments in the East Saigon area, which is considered “on a par with” projects such as D’Edge (CapitaLand), Empire City (Keppel Land) The Nassim (Sonkim Land). Q2 THIEN DIEN has many types of apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms with more than 40 modern interior, providing more than 300 luxury apartments. Located in the area with great potential for development, with the estimated selling price of VND60 – 70 million / sqm, it can be said that Q2 Thao Dien apartment is suitable for high income customers or investors with look forward.

According to Realestatevietnam, at present, Q2 THAO DIEN project is under construction at Mega Market (An Phu, District 2) and will soon be put into operation in June, 2018). As soon as the model house launch information, Realestatevietnam will update you quickly.

Pictures of the Q2 THAO DIEN project are under development
Pictures of the Q2 THAO DIEN project are under development

Q2 THANH DIEN will be the final luxury apartment project licensed in Thao Dien?

According to the planning project, Thao Dien Residential Area has a total area of ​​375.87 hectares (more than double the area of ​​Thanh My Loi residential area), is planned into residential construction, public area (school , healthcare, shopping centers, etc.) and public green parks.

The low-rise houses, garden houses are located mainly along the rivers, canals and streets. High-rise buildings (apartment buildings, mixed-use commercial and service complexes) are located in the central area.

At present, a number of large-scale projects in Thao Dien area have been accelerated, such as Master Thao Dien, Gateway Thao Dien, The Nassim Thao Dien, D’Edge Thao Dien … and the latest is Q2 THAO DIEN by owner Frasers Centrepoint Limited. As the land fund in Thao Dien area is shrinking, especially the riverside and adjacent to the Metro line, many experts believe that Q2 THAO DIEN is likely to be the last high-rise apartment project to be granted allowed at Thao Dien.

4 things make the value from the project Q2 THAO DIEN apartment project

Panoramic view of Saigon River from Q2 Thao Dien project
Panoramic view of Saigon River from Q2 Thao Dien project

Firstly, like Master An Phu, the Q2 THAO DIEN project connects directly to the city’s traffic system at An Phu station (Terminal 7 of Metro 1), residents only It takes about 10 minutes to move to the center of District 1 and other neighboring districts such as Binh Thanh, Thu Duc, District 9. According to expert analysis, real estate projects near metro are available. The price increases from 10-20%.

Secondly, Q2 THAO DIEN project located less than 250m from Saigon River, suitable for families looking for living space comfortable and close to nature. Especially, the project is located between the natural green of Thao Dien residential area so the vision is always wide open. From Q2 THAO DIEN apartment, residents can see the whole city bustle at any time of the day. For people with romantic soul and enjoy watching unlimited things, Q2 THAO DIEN apartment District 2 is really an ideal living space.

Location Q2 Thao Dien
Location Q2 THAO DIEN is next to Master An Phu and Gateway Thao Dien

Third, Thao Dien area is one of the most concentrated areas of foreigners. Form a multi-ethnic community. Around the area is a series of real estate projects from medium to high, creating potential urban population in the future. That is the reason why the potential investment in Q2 Thao DIEN apartment is very large.

Fourth, Q2 SPACE DIEN owns extraneous utility facilities. Located in Thao Dien area, which has been very active, fully integrated services in the area such as shopping center, international hospital, international school, modern entertainment … The living needs of the residents are increasing.

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