Open to visit La Khe station and Cat Linh train – Ha Dong

This morning (May 20), the Railway Project Management Board (Ministry of Transport) opened the door for people to visit La Khe station (Ha Dong) and see the eye of the Cat Linh-Ha train To get comments before the official operation.

Vu Hong Phuong, deputy general director of the railway project management board, said that the project has completed 93% of the total volume, and La Khe station has basically been completed. In the next time, the construction unit will continue to complete the installation of equipment in other stations on the route.

The project was opened to the public through La Khe train station and Cat Linh train - Ha Dong

The project was opened to the public through La Khe train station and Cat Linh train – Ha Dong

“We opened La Khe railway station for a month to visit and witness the train, which will be a time for passengers to get acquainted with the new public transport model,” Phuong said.

At the opening ceremony of the train and visiting La Khe station, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Hong Truong said that to date, the project has basically completed 12 stations, completed Deport area, each Steps to put into place the equipment of the remaining sections.

Evaluation of the project, Mr. Truong remarked that the past EPC (China) general contractor as well as the railway project management has concentrated all resources, launched many initiatives to promote, ensure the progress of creation The station is spacious, beautiful and meets every space, fine art.

Mr. Truong requested that after the ceremony, the units must continue to invest in the construction of complete items, and the installation of equipment at the remaining stations.

“The Chinese side must step by step guide the way to use the train to operate, and when people visit, there must be meticulous guidance, so they understand and be easy to figure. Using the method of operation, in order to meet the regulations on safety and general regulation of the entire Cat Linh – Ha Dong route, in the course of organization, to deploy the best methods to ensure safety of the train. Highest requirements, “said Truong.

The people "contemplate" the model of the whole railway on Cat Linh - Ha Dong

The people “contemplate” the model of the whole railway on Cat Linh – Ha Dong

Mr. Truong also suggested the Hanoi metro operator, after the visit must step by step guide people access to this new mode of transport. “Hope with the determination of the general contractor, as well as related units, Cat Linh Ha Dong railway will be completed and put into trial operation in 2018.

The project of Cat Linh – Ha Dong urban railway has a total length of nearly 13 km, including 12 stations all over the high. This is one of the main roads of the capital running in the direction of northeast – southwest, through 3 districts of Dong Da, Thanh Xuan, Ha Dong.

Started from 2011 with the total investment of 19,000 billion, according to the plan, the end of July, the project will complete the installation of equipment. From October, the system will be run intermittently, the test run will be around 3-6 months. Expected, Q2 / 201 project will be put into commercial exploitation.

A four-car train Cat Linh-Ha Dong, carrying over 1,200 people, the maximum speed 80 km / hour. In particular, the coach car weighs about 35 tons, 19 meters long, 3.8 meters high, 2.8 meters wide. The passenger carriage weighs 32 tons.

The vessel has daily operating time from 5 am to 23 pm (18 hours, with a maximum frequency of 2 minutes per trip). Maximum capacity is 28,000 passengers per hour.

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