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Opening Sale Of Saigon South Residences Project

Saigon South Residences project

Only in one sale, 90% of the Saigon South Residences project stage 1 has been ordered.On October 23rd, more than 1,000 customers attended the first phase of sale, Saigon South Residences of Phu My Hung.

 According to the plan, the investor will announce the 321 apartments of building A with the mode of drawing in order of preference.

However, as the number of visitors is three times higher than the number of apartments offered and 100% of apartments in Building A have been ordered by customers, Phu My Hung decided to add a part of building B with 200 apartments for sale.

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Ending the sale announcement, the success rate of Saigon South Residences Phase 1 reached more than 90% of 521 units.

Saigon South Residences project
Saigon South Residences project enjoys many conveniences that Phu My Hung does not have

“A lot of customers want to buy a lot of products for their families to stay together. However, we hope many families have the opportunity to enjoy quality living space so each customer can only buy one apartment Saigon South Residences, “said the representative of the investor.

Saigon South Residences targets young customers and develops a range of supportive policies to expand the reach of this client group. The two-bedroom apartment occupies about 68% of the project at a price of VND2 billion and includes land use fees, maintenance funds and VAT.

Customers who choose to buy an apartment in this announcement will be entitled to a 38-month payment schedule from the time of the deposit to the receipt of the corresponding 50% of the value of the property. This is the longest payment schedule so far that the investor has applied.

In addition, this project also attaches great importance to investment in infrastructure, quality of living space from design, a layout of apartments to 69 system of internal utility, the landscape outside the area … There are many categories The project has not appeared in the previous projects of Phu My Hung such as multi-purpose sports garden, water park combined with 1.700m2 pool …

Saigon South Residences project
Sai Gon South Residence – A large scale project with extreme Shock price to be introduced to Phu My Hung market to young families.

Saigon South Residences is designed by Sino – Pacific Construction Consultant Company Limited 6 buildings: A, B, C, D, E and G with the height of 19 – 29 floors. Between two blocks of buildings B with C and D with E are linked together by a two-storey block used as a shophouse.

The project has 1,840 apartments. Expected, the project will be delivered by the end of 2019. Saigon South Residences has a land area of 32,902sqm. In particular, the land area for construction is 9,521sqm, accounting for 31% and 69% of the remaining land is for open green space, utility works.

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