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Opportunity to capture palm heights apartment district 2

Palm Heights apartment

Palm Heights apartment is a luxury apartment project in the overall project Palm City is a combination of investors Keppel Land and Alliance Tien Phuoc – Tran Thai.

Details information of apartment Palm Heights

+ Overall scale: The Palm City project has a size of 30.2 hectares.

+ Divided into the main subdivision include:

  • Palm Residence area: 3 hectares including 135 townhouses, shop-house and duplex villas (14 duplex villas, 11 shop houses).
  • Palm City apartment area: 9,4 hectares, including about 3,700 apartments.
  • Palm Heights apartment segment: Total 816 apartments with three 35-storey apartment blocks
  • Commercial area: 1.8 hectares.
  • School size: 3 hectares.

+ Owner: Keppel Land in cooperation with Tien Phuoc – Tran Thai Alliance

+ Location: Along the road of Song Hanh – Located in the whole area of Nam Rach Chiec, District 2 is over 90 hectares wide

+ Landscape design Palm City: Land Scuptor is very famous

+ Time to hand over: Palm Heights Apartments is the second quarter of 2019

+ Palm Heights apartment area: 75sqm – 86sqm (2 bedrooms) – 105sqm – 121sqm (3 bedrooms)

+ Palm Heights apartment price: from $ 1500 / sqm (basic furnishing)

Attractive element Palm Garden apartment - Palm City District 2

Location of Palm Heights apartment

The apartment is located on the Palm City project. This is the largest urban project of Keppel Land in HCM up to the present time. The project is high-end urban area with full of high-end living facilities. Palm Heights District 2 is located at the corner of An Phu intersection of District 2 – An Phu ward, District 2.

The project is located right at the corner of Mai Chi Tho with Nguyen Thi Dinh and Song Hanh. Traffic connections of the Palm Heights apartment are extremely convenient:

+ Palm Heights apartment => Mai Chi Tho => District 1, Binh Thanh:  10 minutes moving

+ Palm Heigths Apartment => Dong Van Cong => Phu My Bridge => Phu My Hung District 7: 10 minute moving

+ Palm Heights Apartment => District 2 – Hi-Tech Area => 5 minutes moving

Palm Heights Apartment Project is located along Highway 2018 will put into operation) and stretches the banks of Giong Ong To and Muong Kinh to 2.7 km.

In addition, the Palm City project also connects directly to the major metropolitan areas of the city such as the Lakeview City of Novaland, the golf course Rach Chiec golf course of Him Lam, Sai Gon Sport City and Keppel Land. In addition, there are existing urban areas in front of them such as City Horse – An Phu An Khanh, Thu Thiem urban area and a series of high class residential areas in Phu Huu District 9.

The picture of the future two years of South Rach Chiec area will be 90ha extremely luxurious class and is expected to become a high-end urban model along with Thu Thiem.

Palm Garden apartment - Palm City District 2
Attractive element Palm Garden apartment – Palm City District 2

The strengths of the Palm City project and the Palm Heights apartment complex are:

+ Traffic connection is quite convenient in the center

+ The river section is 2.7 km long so the living space is quite fresh

+ Adjacent to the existing large urban areas and in the near future.

+ Being the center of the District 2 market with big projects

+ The Palm Heights subdivision is located along the river in Palm City, a short distance from the main road to provide a quiet and peaceful living space.

The highlight of Palm City’s convenience and difference

The Palm City project is a city-planning project. In the project there are full of living facilities for residents without having to go out.

Especially in the Palm City area will be the International School American School (General system of American School in Thao Dien District 2). The school has 2 separate programs that are bilingual programs and pure programs for foreigners. When you live here, you do not have to worry about your children’s education, no need to drop off to pick up your children for school, because the school is located at the bottom of your apartment. In addition, there is an internationally-standard hospital system that caters to residents of Palm City. This is a relatively important living utility, which many well-off families care about, especially families with children and older people.

In addition, the Palm City project has many other advanced facilities such as:

+ Jacuzzi style resort with garden in the apartment in Palm Heights. Next to the shallow pool reserved for children.

+ High-grade commercial center combined with Shophouse commercial area.

+ Picnic area with outdoor BBQ.

+ Park is dense in the Palm City project

+ Riverside jogging track

+ ClubHouse area combines premium brand café.

+ GYM training area with modern equipment right in Palm Heights apartment

+ Tennis court, basketball, badminton on the project campus

+ And there are a variety of riverside facilities that the owner attaches importance to creating a relaxing landscape for residents

If only the convenience of the Palm City project has ensured the outstanding living needs of the entire project population. Palm City residents will also benefit from existing facilities in areas within 2sqm, such as Metro, Parkson, Vincom, international schools or other utilities are classy enough.

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