Overview Of The Vincity Apartment Project In Ho Chi Minh City (Part 1)

The Vincity Projects in District 9 and in District 7 are two Vincity projects in Ho Chi Minh City. Let’s find out the overview of the VinCity Apartment Project in Ho Chi Minh City with us (Part 1).

The VinCity branded low-cost apartment project is the next international project of the VinGroup, which is not only a business plan but also aimed at creating the good value for the community, enhancing people’s lives, contributing and developing the country as well. The VinCity project has been invested in the first stage in 7 provinces in Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, where many young families are living and the demand for the houses and the apartments is very high.

Here, the VinGroup is launching two low-cost apartment projects in District 7 and District 9, which makes people with real needs pay attention and look forward to.

Low-cost apartments in the VinCity in Ho Chi Minh and the difference from the other projects in the same segment

Vincity Apartment

Simulation project apartment Vincity Ho Chi Minh (District 7, District 9)

Suitable for the average income of the Vietnamese, the low-cost houses and apartments are the segment of the real estate with the greatest demand. In contrast, the real estate market in this segment is not really dynamic and does not meet that great demand. Only a few of the projects in this segment are highly appreciated, it seems the owners are forgetting it. However, some of the most prominent brands are Muong Thanh, Dat Xanh, Hung Thinh M & A … And when assessing the low-cost apartment projects, we can easily realize the common problems below:

– It is located far away, often unfavorable due to the uneven infrastructure in the area.

– The quality of construction is not well appreciated.

– The density of construction is large and the lack of facilities for the people (because the projects are usually just the normal apartments).

– The risk of buying the home is sometimes large due to the lack of capacity of the investors.

– The problems of the apartment management such as the fire protection, maintenance funds or security are not paid attention.

– However, the prices of the houses and the apartments in this segment are increasing rapidly.

With the experience from the limitations of the projects before in this segment and the desire to change the perception of the low-cost apartments, the VinGroup will bring a new wind and a completely different appearance to this segment in the VinCity Apartment project. Implementing this great project, Vin always brings trust to customers by many factors:

– The prestige of the VinGroup brand through the big projects such as Vinhomes, Vinpearl.

– The large capital source and the mobilization capacity of Vingroup Group.

– The advantage of buying the large land with the cheap price.

– Active and experienced in the building technology issues, mixing concrete, wood to create the good options that will reduce the price.

– Leading experience in the strong sales deployment.

– A lot of the values are added when the project goes into operation with the urban management experience.

– In addition, there is the support of the state policy and the bank capital.

Highly appreciated not only by the prestige investor brand (the VinGroup), the VinCity is also extremely well-equipped with synchronous utilities that the projects of the same segment have not had before. These are the values that customers will receive.

Vincity Apartment

Ideal life at Vincity project District 9

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The shocking price of the VinCity in Ho Chi Minh and the pricing management of the VinGroup

As a big breakthrough in the low-cost segment of the real estate market, the VinCity apartments are priced at an average of $31,818/apartment in addition to the commitment to the quality and the utility systems confirmed by VinGroup.

Besides, to manage the selling price as announced, customers approach the VinCity apartments at the good prices without speculation through the brokers, which makes the low-cost houses no longer cheap in other commercial building projects, the VinGroup has confirmed that it will have a clear plan and strategy to manage the prices, so they will be announced by the Group.

In addition, there are the brokerage companies involved in distributing products of Vin but the price will be public, consistent and transparent.

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