Paint The Ceiling As A Professional Interior Designer

If you have a ladder in your hand, decorating the ceiling after buying a home is a task at hand. Professional interior designers say that painting the ceiling is an indispensable step, as no one wants to look at a bleak color and have a tendency to damp the top of their heads.

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In a small space, where the opportunity of interior design is limited, a ceiling can become an additional interior detail but extremely impressive. Smaller homes can utilize the ceiling to experiment with new color palettes.

Here, Vietnam Real Estate will give you some tips for decorating the ceiling when buying a home, giving a sharp look to your home.

Based on the color of the wall when decorating the ceiling

You can just drop a few drops of paint on a white painted canvas and then paint the ceiling or experiment with some bolder combinations like the blue ceiling with the navy blue wall. Individual homeowners can combine two contrasting shades of the same color. Some interesting alternatives include the red and pink walls, a dark green ceiling covering the mossy green wall …

The secret of painting the ceiling

A white ceiling reflects the green of the dark blue wall

Use more co-colored paint

In order to create a unified setting, many people enjoy painting walls and ceilings of the same color, even covering the lines between walls, between walls and ceilings if they are clear lines. You can try matching interior colors in the same color scheme to get a monochrome appearance for the house.

The secret of painting the ceiling

The blue ceiling is the same color as the wall

Paint the dark ceiling to expand the space

Just like the rule of “do not wear dark if you do not want people to see you skinny”, many people also said that it is not a good idea to paint the house in the dark will make the house shrink. But in contrast to this view, the dark paint gives an infinite space to the house. Many professional interior designers also propose dark colors for low ceilings.

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The secret of painting the ceiling

The deepest chambers expand the space

From a general standpoint in interior design, a dark color creates an illusion for the ceiling, making it expand like a night sky. It was a warm and pleasant feeling like you were lying under a forest of stars. Not only that, this color also creates a romantic atmosphere.

Choose carefully painted ceilings

A high gloss finish will give the ceiling a striking appearance, but at the same time will clarify any defects. Both natural and artificial light tends to flush into this kind of ceiling and draw attention to all the flaws, possibly some scratches or damp layers … For that reason, Professional interior design advises you to choose shades of non-glossy paint, especially when you choose dark colored paint.

The secret of painting the ceiling

The gloss paint will be exposing the ceiling

Do not forget wallpaper is just as important

It’s a bit of a waste of time, but choosing the color of the ceiling based on the color of the wallpaper will give you a better view than ever, especially in smaller rooms such as the bathroom. A contrasting color or improvisation will bring the attraction and attract the look of the room.

The secret of painting the ceiling

Ceilings or contrasting with wallpaper create eye-catching colors

Stepping into the house, the guests not only look down but also look up again, right? Therefore, always be creative in interior design space with the entire surface of your floor.

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