Painting Works – Impression For D’.Palais Louis

Those who have been fortunate enough to lift their eyes and see the dome of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Cathedral – one of the greatest works in the world – certainly will not be surprised by the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel. huge painting on the roof.

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Anyone who has ever visited the Palace of Versailles cannot be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the palace ceiling with the sacred paintings … In Vietnam, though not as huge as the Sistine, not too luxurious. Versailles but there is a work that many people also admired by a masterpiece painting on the ceiling.

The masterpieces – where magnificent flowers are carved.

To the Vatican people think of a small kingdom in the heart of Rome, famous for its unique architecture, attracting millions of visitors each year, and art historians and religious historians. One of them is the painting on the dome of the Sistine Chapel.

D'.Palais Louis


The roof of the Sistine church covers an area of 540 m2. The theme of the painting is the story “Genesis” in the Old Testament, made up of nine linked paintings. The layout has more than 300 characters and nine central episodes from the Book of Revelation. Many people mistakenly think that there is a need for a group of talented artists to make this masterpiece. In fact, this huge painting was written by Michelangelo himself – the most famous sculptor, painter, poet, portrait of Italy. He created a painting to life, both in terms of size and level of art.


Coming to France, everyone is overwhelmed by the magnificence of Versailles Palace, especially the palaces with sacred paintings – an important landmark for Versailles. the richest and most powerful of Europe.

This masterpiece is where anyone should try to come in at least once in their lives.

“Masterpiece” in Vietnam

Inspired by the long-lasting beauty of the Palace of Versailles and the sublime spirit of Sistine, Tan Hoang Minh Group created D ‘. Palais Louis – tower is considered unique, class “unprecedented” in Vietnam.

D'.Palais Louis


Each detail is an elaborate, elaborate investment. Thus, the painting on the dome becomes the perfect spot for D ‘s flawless beauty. Palais Louis. In order to have a unique “hand painted” painting on the high ceiling, the owner of Tan Hoang Minh invested his time, money and money to invite talented artists from the country of Rome. legend.

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In order to create a beautiful picture, this great artist has done the artwork full of difficulties and challenges. With the support of the massive scaffolding, solid but the floor – ceiling height up to 12.5m (corresponding to 3 floors of ordinary houses), the ceiling area wide, the arch forced the artist to “hang himself “Curved back, back to the ceiling in a very difficult position. However, only in this way can the artist cover the whole of his work. In the last six months, the talented artist has given birth to a unique and beautiful picture in Vietnam.

D'.Palais Louis

A unique hand-painted corner of the ceiling of the D ‘building. Palais de Louis

An atmosphere filled with the spirit of God over and across the hall space. Each drawing of the artist of Italy not only carries reverence but also highlights a pure divine soul, a break with the sorrows of the world. The true color of the sky and the bright yellow of the halo of clouds represent a paradise where heavenly beings fly freely and spread their love and love.

Welcoming the returning residents after a busy day, behind the large rotating glass axis mounted on a sophisticated copper carving system, will be a glorious hall. Onyx paving walls and floors are bright, sumptuous and, above all, the tall ceiling of the ceiling with a huge painting.

A perfect living space, full of artistic beauty and human values will bring the elite community D ‘. Palais Louis experiences great moments of life.

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