Palm City – “The Difference” In Construction Techniques

With the advanced structure of the wall, Palm City apartment project is a striking difference between the “crowd” of hundreds of other apartment projects.

Located in a prime location in the entire residential area of Nam Rach Chiec District 2, Palm City is not only a lush residential complex with a host of state-of-the-art facilities and services.

The project is carried out by the owner and contractor in small details, especially from construction engineering, as observed and analyzed by we team and the architects.

Each townhouse in Palm City has its own separate wall and nail construction, which is less noticeable in other projects. The investor also applies advanced wall technology that is popular in many countries in the world to favors their key projects. In parallel, 816 apartments in the Palm Heights – Palm City towers all have balcony designs for sun and wind. The two fronts of the project are particularly airy.

So, what is the technology of this compressed wall in Palm City and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology? Vietnam Real Estate and the Architects team will introduce and analyze the bulk of this load-bearing wall:

Powerful wall technology: solutions to save space, force, sound insulation, good waterproofing

The wall technology in building construction is an advanced solution of Korea and being applied in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, Palm City is one of the first application units.

Palm City apartment

Palm City – One of the most beautiful projects in Nam Rach Bach District, District 2

At present, the houses, high buildings of Vietnam use the technology of the old style, that is the method: floor – beams – pillars – foundation. This technology has many shortcomings such as a long time of construction, cost of construction materials and not high aesthetics.

In developed countries in the world in general and Korea in particular, the new technology of the construction industry is applied. The construction of the wall structure is more simple, the quality is better than the special strength, soundproof, waterproofing higher than normal brick wall.

According to the analysis of the Architects, due to the technique of bearing walls using pre-prestressed concrete, the ability to bear high load is limited to beams. In addition, the beam step divides the floor less so the beam is not cut across the house. These two factors make the interior space more open, the ceiling as well as extended and, in particular, minimize dead corners in the home, facilitating the design and interior decoration.

One outstanding feature of this technique can not fail to mention that it is easy to execute, the progress of the handover of the house is advantageous because it does not have to pile formwork. Construction time is expected to be shortened by 25% compared to normal brick wall construction but still provides good strength with better bearing capacity.

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However, when using the technology of compressed strength, contractors often have to use high-strength concrete and high-strength steel, which is expensive to build, but it compensates for the good waterproofing ability. Apply the brick wall technique normally. This indicates that the investor of the project, Keppel Land, pays special attention to the quality of the project, striving for the best living for each resident of the project and not for profit

Palm City apartment

Palm Heights – Palm City apartments are invested by the owner of advanced wall technology

A high-end residential project can not lack adequate quality of construction respectively. Palm City’s contractors and contractors have applied state-of-the-art construction techniques to ensure the quality of their homes. This is the difference that makes the city of Palm City attractive to investors, making the product basket is always “fire”.

Vietnam Real Estate information is available, the Palm Residence – Palm City townhouse has basically completed the infrastructure. Meanwhile, three blocks of the Palm Heights-Palm City building are under construction by drilling contractors.

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