Palm City Keppel Land – Gold Standard For Life

The house is not simply the place we go home, but it is also where we have happy moments with family, happy living, and we enjoy the benefits of life level.

Are you looking for an ideal place to build a home, where sweet moments with your loved ones will be kept and your future is built? Palm City is a new high-end urban area where low-rise townhouses, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, schools, international hospitals, and numerous utilities are an option. Considering

Palm City is a worth urban facade in District 2.

Palm City urban area owns a golden location which is one of the not only beautiful but also convenient transportation locations.

Palm City is in front of the road and is located adjacent to the key economic, trade and service areas of the city:

– Being adjacent to “Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay” Highway in the north

– Connecting Giong Ong To River to the southwest – southeast

– Being adjacent to the 21st Century International Development Corporation’s residential, tourist, cultural and entertainment zone on the east.

– Connecting An Phu traffic intersection on the west.

Palm City is located in one of the central districts of District 2, along the banks of the Muong Kinh and Giong Ong River. This is a favorable location makes the urban become close to nature and residents always feel the cool, clean air.

Palm City deserves the “green – clean – beautiful” urban area

It is said that Palm City is one of the green cities. Surrounding the urban area is the cool green image of the nature created from the parks. In addition to, there is a walkway, a scenic garden that is ideal for strolling, exercise,

Investors are always focused on the health as well as the living environment of the residents, so the issue of sanitation is always guaranteed. The trash system is installed, the time to clean up tear

Coming to Palm City, you will feel the image of this beautiful urban area like a “heaven” on the ground.

Palm City is built low-rise townhouses and high-rise apartments to meet the needs of each type of customer.

– In the townhouses, the foundation is built separately between the houses, the wall is also built separately and up to 20cm thick.

– In high-rise buildings, the density at each floor is only 8 units per floor.

– The living room is designed solemn, comfortable, and full of facilities due to the hallway connects to this room. After the stressful hours, you can enjoy the splendor of the city in your apartment.

–  The kitchen is fully equipped with an open design, so you can relax while cooking and enjoying the natural atmosphere.

Palm City has a variety of amenities

Palm City has a full of external facilities including international schools, bilingual schools, commercial centers (such as VinCom, Big C), and standard clinics and hospitals, sports and health care centers.

In the inner city area, Palm City is built 29-utility system:

+ Pool areas for adults and children.

+ Separate dressing room in steam room

+ Gym, Spa

+ Sports: volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer, etc

+ Children’s play area

+ Reading area, coffee shops.

You can enjoy the convenience life at the place where you live without wasting time or effort to anywhere else.

Palm City District 2

Interior design inside Palm City District 2

The price is attractive and most competitive in District 2

Palm City high rise apartment building with 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. There are 538 two-bedroom apartments whose area varies from 76sqm to 85sqm. There are 378 3-bedroom apartments whose area varies from 105sqm to 123sqm.

– Apartment buildings were opened in September 2016, the towns were opened July 30th 2016 with a deposit of $4,348 per unit.

– The payment schedule is only 1% per month.

You can read and see more news information at: Vietnam Real Estate News

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