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The demand of people’s life is getting better as the income grows fast. The economy is moving to a new page, a page of development. The demand for housing is widely interested in. The peace of mind is increasingly concerned, but why calls Palm City an undeniable model apartment?

To give a satisfactory answer to this question, keep thinking about the advantages that we want to explore with you in Palm City:

The location of the Palm City project is convenient for moving in and out of Ho Chi Minh City

The Palm City apartment building in District 2 is located in the most beautiful area of Saigon East, with all convenient facilities, convenient link and easy access from Palm City to the areas, Districts, centers are open and easy.

With a favorable location in the north, it is adjacent to Song Hanh expressway, overlooking Saigon Sports City, Him Lam Binh An 117 hectares, Lakeview City to the east, Do Xuan Hop, Venica Khang Dien villa, Nam Bach Chiec river to the South, Binh Trung Dong ward and Binh Trung Tay ward, towards the end of Nguyen Duy Trinh street, looking back to Mai Chi Tho and Ho Chi Minh city center.

Palm City

Image simulates the whole project of the standard urban model Palm City Keppel Land District 2

The Palm City apartment project is strategically located in the Diamond zone, the heart of all the centers of the East Saigon area and the center of South Rach Chiec, the gateway to the East of Saigon. Only 1 minute to Song Hanh street, convenient transportation to the center of Thu Thiem only 3 minutes, only 2 minutes to Do Xuan Hop street; only 3 minutes to shopping center with International School District 2; only 5 minutes to the new administrative center of Ho Chi Minh City, administrative center District 2; only 8 minutes to downtown District 1; only 9 minutes to the most beautiful urban Vietnam – Vinhomes Central Park and only 10 minutes to the center of Phu My Hung – District 7.

An indisputable fact is that the location of the Palm Heights apartment is so beautiful and favorable in the heart of District 2, where it is the location of the remaining gold of Nam Rach Chiec so the potential for development is extremely fast and strong. Particularly, the value of this project has been strengthened by Keppel Land – Tien Phuoc real estate, the consumers should be assured of the quality, where a large number of customers are waiting and a place to settle Palm Heights in the future.

The owner of the Palm City project has a lot of credibilities

If someone gives you a good chance, surely you will grasp and perform flawlessly as it brings you many benefits, you spent sure you will get benefits. Just as buying a home you need to consider many factors, the issue is much concerned is whether the investor of the project is guaranteed or not. Coming to Palm City – District 2 you will not have to worry about the project investor Palm City – District 2 is reliable?

Come to the Palm City project you will not believe in your eyes because of its favorable location both in road and water. The total scale of the Palm City project is more than 30 hectares, divided into 3 35-storey apartment blocks with 816 apartments. Surrounding the apartment is a separate area with a surrounding area with a closed system, is sure to be the place you deserve it and the owner of the Palm City apartment – District 2 are the three big branches of the industry: Singapore-based Keppel Land is well known for its projects such as The Estella Project, Estella Height (District 2), Riviera Point (District 7), Riviera Cove (District 9). Co-operation is the Alliance Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai investor of the tallest project in Vietnam 86-story Empire City next to Sala Thu Thiem.

Palm City

Keppel Land Alliance has been carrying out a series of projects throughout Saigon

Regarding the names of these 3 investors, surely people in Ho Chi Minh City will know the scale and prestige, without having to contend because the real estate market in Vietnam highly appreciated these investors. The higher the purchase price of Keppel products and the higher the rate of buying and introducing each other, the higher the quality of delivered products, as well as the well-planned and eye-catching products. For well-known projects, you will know exactly what level and prestige Keppel land has built up over the years.

Look at the whole project you will see a large and comfortable project of Palm City – District 2, you absolutely believe in quality because you are easily handed over on time and quality as commitment.

Utilities that apartment Palm City – District 2 bring to you

Buying an apartment or house makes you worry and is most concerned about the utilities it brings. Come to Palm City apartment project – District 2 you will be assured of all this worry. With a closed system on campus, international schools meet your child’s learning needs with an internationally standardized hospital system, the first concern is everyone’s health. The next issue is the amusement park along with a football field, basketball along with swimming pools for adults and children. In the future, investors will implement more strategic projects.

Palm City is also a project developed by international developers to ensure that residents enjoy peace of mind by the security and safety management of the area.

So why Palm City – District 2 is the undeniable standard apartments will not be hard question for you?

Life is filled with worries that the demand for housing is always the first concern so the project Palm City District 2 is a good choice for you to settle down.

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