Is Palm Garden apartments’price reasonable?

The price of Palm Garden apartments is very reasonable compared to nearby projects and what residents will receive when living here.

A project that owns a prime location, perfect utility or unique design style if the price is too high will not be the choice of the customer. It can be said that the price factor is one of the factors determining whether customers buy the apartment to stay, investors have decided to choose the apartment project as an investment channel or not. And if you and your friends are interested in the Palm Garden apartment project as well as the price of this apartment? Is it reasonable? In the following, we will provide the estimated selling price as well as analysis and evaluation of Palm Garden apartment price.

Perspective of Palm Garden project design - Palm City

The panorama of Palm Garden apartment is very modern, luxurious and class

What is the price of Palm Garden apartment? Is it high?

Currently, Palm Garden apartments have not yet been sold by investors Keppel Land announced officially. Ambiguity with many customers at this moment is emerging clearly. In order to help customers more peace of mind as well as to know the expected selling price of Palm Garden. Based on the sales prices of similar projects in the area as well as experienced in the East market, will definitely offer a reasonable price for Palm Garden apartments.

First of all, we will roughly estimate the selling price of a number of neighboring projects, which are set to be launched as well as announced for sale near the Palm City project for the most overview.

Firstly, according to market analysis, Nam Rach Giay residential area, projects in the high-end segment are priced from VND30 million to 40 million / sqm. This is a relatively high price level as the infrastructure around Nam Rach Chiec is not yet complete.

Palm Garden apartment

The apartments near Palm Garden are reasonably priced compared to the quality delivered to residents

Secondly, for apartment products right next to Palm Garden, the price of Palm Heights luxury apartment (sold in 2016) is in the range of VND 30-35 million / sqm. According to the owner, the Palm Garden apartment project will be higher than Palm Heights, so the price will naturally be higher. For projects located a little further away from Palm Garden, it is located on Mai Chi Tho Boulevard. For example, The Sun Avenua is priced at VND39 million per sqm. The Centathan Thu Thiem project is valued at VND35 million per square meter and the Lexington Residence project is priced at VND35 million per square meter. As for lower level projects, located on the Nguyen Duy Trinh road as Homyland 1,2,3 projects cost from VND23-26 million/sqm and La Astoria project cost from VND23 million / sqm.

Based on our market research data, but also the price of the projects around Palm Garden mentioned above. The expected price of the Palm Heights apartment project will fall to around VND38 million / sqm and will rise further in subsequent releases. However, compared to the current time, buying Palm Garden apartments at such a price is perfectly reasonable. It is expected that by 2020 the investor will transfer the house to the client, while the infrastructure surrounding the project has been completed. Especially, the Rach Chiec sports area is expected to be completed in that time, so Palm Garden’s current price is a detailed calculation with reasonable price.

Is the price of Palm Garden apartments reasonable compared to what the residents will receive?

Palm Garden project is expected to be launched by Keppel Land with 4 blocks of apartments: G1, G2, G3 and G4 with a total of 880 apartments. The entire project has 35 floors, each apartment depending on the size, number of bedrooms or the design of the apartment price will vary.

Located in An Phu ward, District 2, 2 sides of Giong Ong To River makes the Palm Garden apartment more harmonious, fresh and airy than other apartments. Not only that, with advantages near the river should give all residents a beautiful panoramic view. Thanks to its prime location, Palm Garden residents can easily move to the neighboring districts of the city and inherit the perfect off-site facilities.

Attractive element Palm Garden apartment - Palm City District 2

The Palm Garden apartment has a prime location to create a perfect living for all residents

Not only the location is good, Palm Garden apartment is also set up and built in the perfect system of local utilities. There are shopping centers, Gyms, amusement parks, outdoor BBQ area, park, jogging track, etc. All of them are built to create a wonderful system of utility only at Palm Garden.

Here are the analysis of the price of Palm Garden apartment. If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact us immediately for the quickest and most accurate information.

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