Palm Garden Keppel Land – Green space in the heart of the city

Keppel Land , Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai apartments, the Palm Garden apartment district 2 attracted the attention of crowded guests. The potential of the green space is harmonious design and cool layout.

Right from the start, the developers of the Palm Garden Keppel Land project have shown the mind The highlight of the project is green space, aiming to provide customers with an ideal living space, modern facilities but still ensure close harmony with nature. Experience a completely different living space that has never before.

The level of comfort of Palm Garden Kepple Land

Palm Garden is a luxury apartment project in District 2 is poured capital investment up to thousands of billion . With more than 30 modern, state-of-the-art gadgets are designed to be meticulous, elegant and perfect, offering the ultimate in live entertainment and value.

Being “backed” by the big estate from Singapore, the design overview of the Palm Garden apartment project is bold modern direction and the character of luxury island lion. The project stands out as an architectural icon that attracts all the glances and desires of many.

Palm Garden’s extensive internal facilities

Following the success of Palm City’s second phase, Palm Garden is the second phase of the original Palm City project, which is positioned as high-end. Greater than the “security guard” predecessor.

untilities of palm garden apartment project

untilities of Palm Garden apartment project

If the first phase of Palm Heights consists of only three apartment towers, in the next phase the project will be scaled up and upgraded with four apartment towers, equivalent to about 1,000 units. Senior servicer serving the market.

The project has a great advantage that is located far from the highway. Thanks to this perfect distance, the residents of this place can get away from the noise of the road. In addition, the subtle design from the project overview to the details of each apartment is also the highlight of this project.

Is security at Palm Garden apartments secure?

A distinctive and distinctive highlight of the Palm Garden luxury apartment project is that security issues are always on top. The security system of the whole project is invested with the most advanced equipment, security staff are trained and professional, can respond to any situation suddenly born, always ready to protect the apartment.

In addition, the security camera system is designed and arranged perfectly with the best angle, can control the security situation of the 24/24. Not only is the apartment, even the surrounding streets, green parks or public areas are equipped with cameras, leaving no corner. As such, security guards will be able to control and observe the security situation of the project.

In addition, the project also owns a multi-landscaped garden with landscaped courtyards, small, relaxing gardens with sheltered roofs, etc. It will be a great place for nature lovers to wander in the quietest and freshest.

Another highlight of the Palm Garden project is the layout of the seating arrangement for visitors to cheer up next to the sports grounds such as badminton courts, basketball courts, chess areas …

A miniature park with outdoor exercise machines, paved pavement dedicated to those who like to walk, relax … all the utilities are geared towards building a whole living space full of green bringing comfort and pleasant maximum for residents here.

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