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Palm Garden symbolizes the new heart of South Rach Chiec

Palm Garden apartment

Referring to the east of Saigon, the real estate investors are small and nobody knows the Palm Garden name of the Keppel Land investor. The Palm Garden apartment project is attracting the attention of many customers and experts, is considered to be the new symbol of the city in the future.

Where does the Palm Garden project so attractive? What are the advantages and utility of the project that really deserves a new symbol of the city? Please visit Realestatevietnam learn through the following article.

Where is the strong charm of Palm Garden District 2 come from?

Palm Garden is still under construction and is expected to be handed over in 2020 to home buyers.

Review utilities of Palm Garden Keppel Land

In terms of utility, the Palm Garden apartment project in District 2 is one of the projects with the most outstanding and complete facilities in the area, ensuring the full satisfaction

The essential needs of customers. Many add-ons and side-effects make it easy, fast, and cost-effective, as well as day-to-day travel.

The project area is invested by Keppel Land Vietnam to focus on optimal investment. Here, you will enjoy a variety of modern conveniences without going far.

After a stressful working day, you can return to your luxurious apartment, join family and enjoy meaningful life.

+ You can exercise the body and relax to the maximum with fresh green indoor swimming pool. The swimming pool here is airy, the water source is checked tightly

So you can rest assured while swimming here.

+ Every morning, customers can start the day with energy by sitting in the local coffee shop, surfing the news and enjoy the delicious coffee from the world’s leading brands.

+ With sisters who love beauty and passion for beauty, spa centers in the area with a variety of services and equipment system to help women spoiled for their daily pampered. , sure to make you happy.

+ Play area for children with many games of science, help children develop smart, healthy, bring children a complete development environment best.

+ Gymnasium with gym for the gentleman to exercise physique daily.

Green Park along the river will be ideal space for families to walk daily, breathe fresh air.

+ High-end trade center within the area to meet the shopping needs of customers.

Palm Garden Keppel Land
Review utilities of Palm Garden Keppel Land

Best living environment at Palm Garden Keppel Land

Every guest will want to own a luxury apartment and live in an ideal environment of civilization. Habitat plays a particularly important role in human daily life, helping to bring the best possible health, physical well-being, and the best possible mental energy to work every day.

With the advantage of being surrounded by the river, Palm City Phase 2 owns a fresh airy living space. The apartments here are not. The Palm Garden project has created a happy home for all residents.

International hospitals surrounding the Palm Garden project

In addition to the vital living facilities that serve the residents of the project, Keppel Land also invests in international school facilities and medical facilities to provide the best possible education. For children and a health care provider for their community.

It can be said that the clean and beautiful environment of modern and comfortable is the most important factor helping the Palm Garden apartment project become the new symbol of the city in the future.

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Palm Garden symbolizes the new heart of South Rach Chiec

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