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What does Panorama Cam Ranh have advantage?

The Condotel The Arena Long Beach

Project Panorama Cam Ranh is the focus of the real estate market with the most impressive product at Bai Dai

The project is named Panorama The Arena Cam Ranh is the first out-of-the-home urban resort invested by Nha Trang Bay Investor.

Overview of Panorama Cam Ranh

The Arena Nha Trang is a project of bringing the model of entertainment combined with entertainment only in Bai Dai Beach, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa.

Cam Ranh Arena
Arena that brings together all the features together with the upscale amenities of the upstream lifestyle

Condotel Panomara Cam Ranh Resort, also known as Condotel Arena Bai Dai, owns modern infrastructure and hundreds of 5 star service facilities. The project is expected to attract thousands of visitors each year and will certainly bring tremendous revenue for real estate investors here.

Cam Ranh Panorama is the investor and entrusted to Green Land Nha Trang and Northern Green Land distribution project, promising to bring affordable real estate to many types of customers in this area, as well as in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Panorama Cam Ranh developed type condotel – unique resort, catch up the trend

First of all, condotel – condominium is one of the most popular investment channels. Born in a long time in the major tourist cities in the world, but condotel only really boom in Vietnam in about 5 years. Condotel can be understood simply as the form of ownership of a hotel apartment at the same time business or commissioned to rent to receive a profit. The advantage of this type is that customers will be able to both own and have stable revenue while not needing much time to manage.

apartments in The Arena Cam Ranh
The luxurious Condotel The Arena offers beautiful sea views

At the same time, with the proliferation of a number of projects now, investors should be very careful in the “choose to send gold”. And prominent among them, Condotel Cam Ranh apartment project is a name that is getting the most attention.

Investment model – comprehensive and new development

Condotel The Arena Project Cam Ranh is the largest project invested by Nha Trang Bay recently. The project demonstrates the company’s determination to go ahead and welcome the new resort trend. It is not only the Panorama Cam Ranh package that is included in the resort’s usual holiday activities, but also a holiday project that includes many elements such as experience, enjoyment and enjoyment. Nha Trang has just stopped at the resort level and focus on “star” standards. Therefore, in order to serve a wider range of customers, it will definitely need other factors and Cam Ranh Panorama is the only project with the most modern standards in Bai Dai.

The five-star resort and entertainment at The Arena Cam Ranh
The five-star resort and entertainment at The Arena Cam Ranh

The project is developed on the model of leisure and entertainment standard 5 star. An effective investment trend in the world will bring huge profits for investors in Vietnam. This difference makes Cam Ranh Arena the real difference in investment resort sea view.

It is a pioneer project in Bai Dai following the model of community entertainment

Panorama Cam Ranh resort is located in the center of Bai Dai – one of the 8 most attractive beaches on the planet. This place has long been a tourist destination of many domestic and international tourists because of the beautiful pristine beauty of the natural landscape. Thanks to the rare and expensive sapphire sand, sea water at Bai Dai beach is always green as jade brings unique beauty, not unique beaches are all.

As the first project to follow the model of community entertainment, the project Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh outstanding than in Long Beach. According to experts, at the time of operation, the project will attract a large number of customers including delegations and retail customers to long-stay. When choosing Condotel The Arena to send in your capital, be sure to weigh the factors that may affect your business later on.

The Condotel The Arena Long Beach
Long Beach – Cam Ranh where the prime location of Condotel The Arena

Condotel The Arena Panorama Cam Ranh not only bring you the bold resort atmosphere, with 5-star facilities. At Panorama Cam Ranh, visitors will be like immersed in an arena “Arena” with a variety of games, culture, experience the water sports at the resort.

The price of the apartment is very attractive Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh

The number of apartments is over 5000 units, of which 80% of apartments have seaview with fully integrated furniture with a combination of modern facilities, level, Panorama Cam Ranh will certainly bring the satisfaction of the owner of the apartment.

With the expected price from VND30-40 million/ sqm, you can own Condotel Arena apartment with the price of:

– Apartment from 30sqm, 32sqm, 33sqm, 45sqm with the price from VND960 million – VND2 billion per unit.

– Apartment 60sqm (2 bedrooms) will only about VND2.5 billion / unit.

Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh
Impression of the Arena on the luxury design, class

Thus, with only a small capital, investors still have the opportunity to own the condotel in the beautiful sea top of the planet. Compared to gold and foreign investment channels that are able to buy and sell relatively low investments with low profitability or high investment risk, investment in resort property Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh will be the outstanding solution to bring confidence to many investors.

At the same time, Condotel Arena owners will own the value of a one-time investment here and certainly all the needs of the customer will be satisfied.

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What does Panorama Cam Ranh have advantage?

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