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Payment method schedule for Gem Riverside Apartment

Signing Ceremony of gem riverside project

What is the method of payment for Gem Riverside Dat Xanh? Join Real Estate Express immediately find out the schedule and payment method when you buy the apartment at Gem Riverside Project, Distric 2.

Understanding the price policy is not enough, real estate investors before deciding to pour capital into any project, so pay attention to thoroughly understand the method of payment to have the methods of mobilization, standard be financially fit.

On January 29, 2018,  Real Estate Express together with investors Dat Xanh and other related units has officially signed the strategic distribution project Gem Riverside, according to information of the investor, the stage 1 The project will have the best price and more flexible payment method for every customer who can own an apartment here.

This is also the reason that in today’s post, we will reserve to send to interested customers information about payment policy Gem Riverside Distric 2. Based on this latest news, you can get yourself a complete plan, from capital to profitability.

The Gem Riverside Distric 2  project is currently receiving a lot of attention, so learning early and understanding will help you quickly catch the opportunity. The following are useful knowledge for the wise investors to target the real estate market in the East HCM.

Update the latest payment method of Gem Riverside Project Distric 2.:

After a series of successful projects in the East, in 2018, Dat Xanh Group continues to dominate the market with super luxury apartment project, branded Gem Riverside. The project has been leaked in the market in the last months of 2017 but until the beginning of 2018, the new works were officially announced and opened for sale at an attractive price from VND 33 million to VND 40 million / sqm ).

The Gem Riverside project has attractive prices
The price gem riverside first phase is only VND38 million

During the first open sale, the investor raised the price of only VND38 million

Of course, this is the reference price and is not identical with each type of apartment in the project, and is only expected to apply in the first batch, then the price will be adjusted to suit the regional market, same Potential inherent in the project ownership.

Specifically, the overall market share of the East market in the same segment as Gem Riverside Project Distric 2., other projects are offered at relatively high prices, from VND45 million to 55 million, higher than Gem Riverside about VND10 million – 15 million / sqm.

This can be considered as advantages and incentives that investors dedicated to the customer trust themselves. So if you invest early you will reduce the maximum amount of money spent, and quickly get the value from the project potential over time.

For more information, refer to the “FORM” method of payment below:

– Asking for a consultant: VND50 million / apartment, a deposit equal to the registration of aspirations to choose the appropriate basis.

– 10 days after the registration of the wish: Pay additional VND200 million, sign the agreement guarantee the priority when buying the apartment.

– November 2018 (estimated completion time of the foundation): Payment of 20% of the value of the apartment (including VND250 million above), signing of the official Sale Contract.

Payment method apartment Gem Riverside Dat Xanh district 2
Payment method apartment Gem Riverside Dat Xanh district 2

You can then choose to pay according to schedule or time, detailed payment method, the area of ​​purchase contract sale investors will provide details.

Evaluate the payment method Gem Riverside Apartment Distric 2.:

Looking at the expected price and payment policy divided into different forms, it can be seen that Green Land has many incentives for customers interested in the project Gem Riverside District 2.

Among the projects that we have surveyed in the area, we can see that the payment method of Dat Xanh is the most comfortable and has the most benefit for buyers. As most projects use only one payment method, and usually a fixed period of time from the owner. This is sometimes detrimental to the customer but it is the security of the owner.

Meanwhile, with the Gem Riverside project, you have three options, including quick payment for discount, payment according to construction progress to control the process of apartment formation, and the end is paid by agreement time.

Each payment method will have its own advantages, and each time with each customer will have certain conformance. Therefore, when you invest in a building, you will be maximally available to own, without much difficulty.

Along with the sale policy, can see the incentive attached is one of the things that make the attraction of Gem Riverside Distric 2. The wholesale policy reduced from 0.5% when buying 3 units or more, the chance to win SH 125i car, free management value VND36 million in 3 years, support bank loans with Low interest rates…

Gem Riverside Distric 2 is currently in the market, please contact us for full consultation before investing.

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