The perfect living environment in Garden Keppel Land apartment

Garden Keppel Land apartment – The perfect choice for all those who want to live in a green living space.

Life is increasingly modern, the quality of human life is enhanced, but the environmental issue is still a factor that many customers are interested. The trend of choosing an apartment in the present depends a lot on the living environment in that apartment. As a result, luxury riverside apartments are the first choice for all customers who want to live in a natural-oriented apartment. This is also understandable because riverside flats often have good habitat quality, with greenery of trees and rivers creating the most quiet, quiet and peaceful space for all residents.

Attractive element Palm Garden apartment - Palm City District 2

The project of Garden apartment Keppel Land extremely modern, luxurious and class

What is the quality of living environment in Garden Keppel Land? Is it fresh and airy? You and your followers follow the article immediately.

Garden Keppel Land – The two-sided property project is adjacent to the river.

Garden Apartment Keppel Land is the second high-end condominium project (after the Palm Heights brothers are well received and sold successfully by the end of 2016) of the large Palm City project. City- The project is built on a total area of ​​30.2 ha. Garden Keppel Land is operated and developed by Keppel Land- Tran Thai- Tien Phuoc, located in front of Song Hanh street, Chiec Nam residential area, An Phu ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

With this prime location, Garden Keppel Land has many unique advantages: Located right in the green area of ​​trees, right in the city of Palm City is planned and designed with a density low building, the area of ​​internal park occupies large green area, creating both landscape and provide clean air for all future residents. Especially, with good location in District 2, Garden apartment Keppel Land owns the advantage of Giong Ong To and Muong Kinh rivers. With this special advantage, Keppel Land has brought a living space to breathe and live in fresh air, feel the cool breeze blowing up Giong Ong To River

Attractive element Palm Garden apartment - Palm City District 2

Garden Keppel Land apartment is located in front of high-speed street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

Not only that, in order to make the most of the advantages of the river, the design unit at Garden Keppel Land also cleverly designed and arranged the towers to achieve the maximum of the apartments with beautiful view. The interior of the Palm City project or looking at the modern urban area with the surrounding infrastructure is also very beautiful.

In addition, if all fishermen are interested in fishing and are looking for a living environment near the river for the convenience of enjoying the peaceful moments, the freedom to forget about the life cycle of life. Garden Keppel Land will be the perfect choice for every customer. Thus, all the elements of trees, rivers and water have created a perfect living environment, bring a peaceful, gentle, relaxed feeling for all residents Garden Keppel Land.

Garden Keppel Land – Luxury apartment inherits living standards.

For the Keppel Land luxury apartment project, Keppel investor has positioned this luxury apartment segment with higher standards than the Palm Heights apartment. In addition to the self-contained facilities, Garden Apartment Keppel Land has been set up and built in the classy facilities within the project area such as modern Gymnasium, swimming pool with high standards. Yoga room, children’s recreation area, facilities for learning, sports training (internal jogging track, tennis court, ..), outdoor BBQ, mall high security, 24/24 security system, … all create perfect internal utility system was built separately for Garden Keppel Land residents.

The quality of life at Palm Garden Keppel Land

Complete utility system at Garden Keppel Land

In addition, all residents of Garden Keppel Land will enjoy and use the other living amenities that the Palm City project owns such as:

AIH International Hospital is the first hospital to be built and developed in accordance with US standards in Vietnam. With a team of professionally trained doctors in the United States, you can be assured of the health of family members.

American International School TAS: With a total area of ​​300.000 sqm, accommodating up to 1400 students from kindergarten to high school. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers, all residents can be assured of their children’s learning and development environment.

Inland Park: For children’s play areas, jogging tracks, tree systems are designed interspersed the whole project, promising to bring the perfect living space.

Owning a green living environment perfect, Garden Keppel Land promises to be the perfect choice for every customer.

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