Perfectly 5-Star Utilities In Premier Village Phu Quoc

At current modern life, every person must strive to be able to fulfill their desires as well as their needs of life. And a gift cannot be more meaningful to be able to adequately the effort you spend it is to stay in a high-class and luxury villas.

And to choose a such one, apart from the location, design or price, there is one more thing that every customer is very interested in it is the utility that it brings when they are in apartment  that is good and not enough, worthy of them or not.

Having peace of your mind, no need to look far, we will introduce you a villa can meet all your requirements. The villa project is named “Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort”.

So, what is the project of Premier Village Phu Quoc villa that brings comfort to all visitors? What’s so attracted to? We will go together to find out immediately.

What is benefit that the Premier Village Phu Quoc brings to the visitors?

With the skillful hands of the designers, as well as the motto of Sun Group’s investor is the satisfaction of customers put up first, the investor has reflected and produced a lot of utilities and small differences in Premier Village Phu Quoc. One of the most typical benefits is:

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The infinity pool is unique and extremely different at Premier Village Phu Quoc.

With an area of 8000 sqm, every visitor can enjoy the most relaxing moments at the swimming pool.

Taking the unique idea that is the beautiful terraces in Vietnam, the infinity pool at the Premier Village Phu Quoc is built in the shape of a re-style that is familiar but luxurious and very close.

Premier Village Phu Quoc project

Infinity pool at the Premier Village Phu Quoc project

Spas in the primitive and unique primeval forest at Premier Village Phu Quoc

Nestled in the primeval forest, offering unparalleled beauty and fascinating beauty, the Spa at Premier Village Phu Quoc will give every guest a moment of relaxation and health-restored. At the same time, being relaxed in a wonderful green space as well as beautifying at Spa, you will definitely have the best skin, white and beautiful skin.

With “health in gold”, the Spa system at Premier Village Phu Quoc always focuses on bringing the freshest air and natural environment to customers, supporting the health care of guests that are the most complete.

Restaurant system jutting into the sea – Sun Signature Premier Village Phu Quoc

Taking advantage of the advantage of having two unique sea sides along the pristine forest right at the sea, Premier Village Phu Quoc is also attractive and attracts visitors with a unique restaurant space system.

Have you ever thought that you will enjoy the delicious food on a place wandering and facing the sea? When coming to the restaurant at Premier Village Phu Quoc, you will experience this new feeling.

With a capacity of about 1000 customers, come to the restaurant you will mix into the culinary excellence in and out of the country from skillful hands of talented chefs. With delicious food, beautiful natural scenery in front of you, with the feeling of warping on the cliff is nothing more interesting right.

Luxury yacht marina and class at Premier Village Phu Quoc.

The marina at Premier Village Phu Quoc is located next to the most beautiful stretch of Ngoc Island. It can be said that this is the place to focus so many super wharves to bring the moment to fully enjoy the beauty of the deep blue ocean.

It would be a pity if you did not experience the sunset on the marina by the beautiful picture in the sunset scene.

In addition to the outstanding facilities, there are many other facilities for customers such as: Rooftop bar, library and play area for children, pool bar… Especially with the garden Pavillion, guests will be in peace in a bar, talk and chat with friends or check in is also a way to enjoy it. And there are many other big and small utilities that only when visitors to Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort can feel it all.

People often say that what works from the heart is easy to enter the hearts of others. All of the benefits that Sun Group’s owners have come up with are all about giving customers the utmost comfort. Come to Phu Quoc Premier Village to feel what the owner wants to bring to you.

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