From philip kotler’s philosophy to empire group sales policy

Empire Group’s strategy is to create a unique product as stated in classic market creation philosophy of Philip Kotler –father of marketing.

The classic philosophy of the father of modern marketing

Ten years ago, father of modern marketing Philip Kotler attended a workshop in Vietnam. Here, Philip Kotler offered an opinion that changes the perception of the whole market: “The good company meets the demand well, the larger companies will create the market.”

According to Kotler, a regularly heard principle in business is to “sell what the market needs,” but there are times when “consumers do not know what they want”. At this time, the leading companies are responsible to create the demand for the market.

The above viewpoint can be seen in the working style of Steve Jobs, he always conceives of creating something so attractive and different which is irresistible and then tell the customers that it is what they need, and iPhone is an example.

While everyone is satisfied with the basic keyboard phones and there is no concept or need for touch devices, Steve Jobs created the touch iPhone integrates all the features of the computer, iPod, phone and camera. This device has upgraded the customers’ demands, making customers “crazy” and run after Apple over the past 10 years.

Not to mention to United States, the familiar story of a selling comb for monk is also a classic example of creating demand for the market in marketing.

“In order to lead, capture the market, you need to discover and upgrade the needs of the market, then lead your customers with you,” shared the leader of the Empire Group.

Cocobay Da Nang

Cocobay entertainment complex Da Nang

To the success of the phenomenon of the real estate market in Vietnam

Established about 5 years ago, the real estate resort market has attracted the participation of more than 120 real estate companies with more than 1,000 projects. With the product line of relaxing, resting in a quiet and peaceful place, and almost no customer needs more than that when go for vacation.

Till one year ago, Cocobay super project with a total investment of more than 11,000 billion dong announced by the Empire Group has created a turning point for the real estate market. With this project, for the first time the concept of tourism and entertainment real estate appears on the market.

Not only being a leading tourism and entertainment complex in the Southeast Asia, Cocobay is also known as one of the largest themed resort complexes in Vietnam, with a wide range of specialized products catering to the demands which have not appeared yet on previous resort real estate: Wellness condotel for guests with demand for beauty care and energy regeneration; Boutique Hotel is suitable for young customers fond of moving.

Specially, this company has recently announced 350 condotel in Coco Wonderland Resort to the market. This project is developed in wonderland condotel style to serve the travel and entertainment demands of children customers only – something that has not been paid enough attention and investment yet.

The project impresses with the Fairy Garden, home to the Smurfs mushroom House, light woods, magical lakes, maze, giant chess board, interesting houses on trees, god mirrors and transformed pumpkin carriage.

In addition, the project also includes all other utilities such as swimming pool, coffee shop, pool bar & ice-cream, lounge, The Snow Queen …

At present, there are a number of enterprises in Vietnam poured money into amusement parks for children. But there has not any company invest in the resort with closed facilities meeting all the needs and interests of children.

So, according to Empire Group leaders, the Coco Wonderland Resort is a bold step, opening up new demands for the tourism market as well as attracting real estate investors.

“We calculate that just by exploiting 1 percent of this lucrative pie, the Empire Group will succeed and investors investing in this project will be successful,” said the Empire Group leader.

That is the reason why although it was announced to market for a year, but Cocobay has become the leading project in terms of attracting the attention of real estate investors most.

According to statistics, in 2016 every 10 condotel apartments in Da Nang which are successfully transacted, there will be four units belonging to the Cocobay project.

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