Pho Dong Village – let’s enjoy green life

The project of Pho Dong Village complex possesses a favorable position when it is very well connected in District 1 and District 7.

With the increasing number of dust and pollution, people tend to choose suburbs to enjoy and live in a cooler and cleaner environment. . But because of work, travel so many people still do not fulfill their wishes.

Pho Dong Village

Pho Dong Village – A place to give future residents a quality life

Then at the Pho Dong Village District 2 the owner gave him a green dress? Soon we will go to find out.

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Developed in the direction of expanding the eastern cost of the city with the criteria to create a city that is extremely modern, full of vitality. Because of this, living space in Pho Dong Village is always mentioned with fresh green and fresh air.

So where does the idea of ​​green space design in Pho Dong Village project come from?

Wishing to bring a cool and green life to the residents, so designers put on Pho Dong Village Street a brilliant color, with colorful green notes from many species and trees, different flowers. The leader in that color is from the phoenix trees, creating a very charming scene. And the scene of the love was echoes of colorful love songs, fun sound for all residents of Pho Dong Village the most relaxed and peaceful minutes in the home of his family.

The main street is full of blue color and the brilliant red of Phuong Vy flower will be designed by the city planning designer, walking along with the large square – where the big and small festivals will be held in Pho Dong Village. Along with more than 17 different species of flowers are planted along the project site. All of them create a breathtaking, fresh and peaceful scene for all residents. And when living in Pho Dong Village, you can completely green space.

Pho Dong Village project

Diverse designs at Pho Dong Village project

The most unique, most impressive in the idea of ​​green space design in the urban area of ​​ Pho Dong Village comes from the element of Feng Shui Oriental. In this way of thinking, it is often said that Pho Dong brings fresh freshness, symbolizing the mighty Dragon and the symbol of spring – the season in which all things are blossomed. Along with that, the talented designers also fully apply and successfully transfer the philosophy of keeping the wind and water in the Thien-Nhan relation to the project. All are combined to create a very modern Pho Dong Village and full color.

An amazing urban area is majestic, majestic and striking among the soft, graceful and glorious Phoenix, promising to attract all the glory when people come to Pho Dong Village.

The unique design of this place, so where is Pho Dong Village is located?

The project of Pho Dong Village is located at the intersection between East Vanh Dai Road and Dong Van Cong Street (Cat Lai, District 2). This is considered one of the extremely favorable location that this project has in District 2.

Pho Dong Village

Pho Dong Village deserves the best choice for every customer and investor

With such a good location, the traffic is very good and 4 directions are utilized.

In the North East: The project is adjacent to the second ring road, which makes it easy to travel to the Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway, enabling all residents to move more quickly.

North West; The project is adjacent to the People’s Committee of District 2 and is moving to Thu Thiem new urban area, so convenient and fast it must not.

In the South West, the project is adjacent to Phu My Hung bridge and the direction to Phu My Hung.

As such, the inclusion of downtown districts and large metropolitan areas in the city will certainly bring a lot of benefits to the residents.

Pho Dong Village – The traffic is very convenient at district 2 apartment

From Pho Dong Village, you can move quickly through the East Vanh Dai Road leading to Sai Gon – Long Thanh – Dau Day. And from here, residents can move quickly to the center of the city.

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From Pho Dong Village, it’s very easy to connect with district 7, it only takes about 7 minutes to reach the center 7 or 5 minutes to move to district 2 and it only takes about 15 minutes to reach. District 1 is too easy and fast right now.

Great location of Pho Dong Village

Location of Pho Dong Village with the potential to become a new economic center of the city.

Moreover, the surrounding area of ​​the project is surrounded by the large canal Ba Cua, which creates a living space that is very ideal, close and harmony with nature.

Come to Pho Dong Village to enjoy a green living space airy, unique and idyllic.

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