Pho Xinh, Mini Cooper And the Wave Of Virtual Reality Are Spreading In Vietnam

The “big” race on the new wave

On 26th October 2004, Microsoft recently announced a partnership with HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Asus to produce VR lenses plugged into a Windows 10 computer. Meanwhile, Facebook announced that it would spend $ 50 million to develop VR software, including the VR web browser. NVIDIA unveils VRWorks technology that helps users not only observe but also physically interact with the 3D environment. Apps from virtual reality technology are not only confined to the field of entertainment, but also extend to a wide range of other areas of expertise such as medicine, surgery, theater, military, sports, museum exhibitions, aerospace, real estate, movie watching, production, advertising, retail, and so on.

Virtual Reality Wave

Mark and his wife in the virtual reality he was developing were introduced in February

The latest survey shows that the total value of the virtual reality technology market has quadrupled in just two years, from $ 1 billion in 2014 to $ 3.8 billion in 2016. Virtual reality technology is expected that it will grow rapidly and change the face of world technology as the way the internet waves, the mobile wave has done.

Vietnamese enterprises “know one’s times”

Previously, analysts said that virtual reality technology is difficult to develop in Vietnam and is a “playground” of the giants as well as restricted by the terminal requirements. Within a few months, the situation has changed.

2016 is the year which marks the explosion of the application of virtual reality technology of Vietnamese enterprises. Pho Xinh interior shop has launched its 3D showroom system at, Mini Cooper Vietnam is virtual showroom to show the latest models, we sell the house with 3D technology, ALC Corp (kitchen Casta) markets the product with a 3D model, a series of real estate project make 3D models and businesses boldly jump into the market for virtual reality service provisioning for businesses, etc.

Virtual Reality Wave

Pho Xinh launches a series of 3D showrooms on its website

Most businesses owners have said that this is the most appropriate time of this new technology because the network infrastructure has developed, personal Internet access devices are quite popular and Vietnamese like to experience the newer technology than ever.

Users do not need to own virtual reality glasses to experience this technology, but they can use their phones, tablets or personal computers to use them. With 52% of the Internet population in Vietnam, the applicability of virtual reality in Vietnam will be much higher than originally anticipated.

At the same time, virtual reality technology itself also brings many benefits to users, creating the attraction for businesses to decide to apply to their activities. Travel time is removed, saving time to find information, but still ensuring that the user’s experience is always realistic.

According to a representative of business provides virtual reality services, in just 2 months, the company has implemented more than 3,000 virtual reality models for businesses and individual customers. More than 1,000 marketing staff in various areas use daily to introduce products to customers.

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