Phu Quoc Real Estate With Project Of The Highlights Apartments

Would you like to enjoy a living space in a perfect apartment and ideal? Come to Phu Quoc property for relaxing moments with your family.

Today, the real estate market in our country developed extremely strong and real estate Phu Quoc is one of them. Specifically, this beautiful island is constantly appearing apartment projects, luxury apartments are beautifully designed along with the leading modern facilities. Phu Quoc promises never to disappoint you.

Phu Quoc real estate

Potential for development of abundant food production in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Real Estate contains a hidden value

With the advantages of primeval forest and many beautiful scenic spots stretching to hundreds of meters, Phu Quoc is considered one of the most potential real estate development areas in Vietnam. Therefore, there are many investors have long paid attention to the island but it is not until the end of 2012 when the international airport Phu Quoc was inaugurated when the new investment really began.

Up to now, over 8,000 hectares of Phu Quoc land has 202 projects approved investment with capital up to $6 billion. Specifically, 21 projects have been put into operation and 13 are under construction with an area of 553 hectares. Especially, Phu Quoc has 20 FDI projects.

The ultimate project in Phu Quoc is “Sonasea Villas & Resort”

The resort property is one of the types of development of Phu Quoc and one of the projects on this jewel is being sought is the project Sonasea Villas & Resort. In the first sale, more than half of Sonasea villas were booked by customers. That proves the heat of the villa resort.

This project is the perfect choice for holiday stays as it is perfectly located in the heart of Bai Truong – one of the most beautiful and wonderful beaches for sunset. In addition, within the Sonasea Villas, there are 2 to 5 bedrooms, each with its own private swimming pool, garden and high-end furniture. This place is both a wonderful resort for the whole family and a place to honor the class of homeowners. In particular, the project also gives customers a very profitable investment, higher than bank interest rates.

For the big investors, in the future, profit is more than the previous commitment because the Phu Quoc market is booming plus the strong attraction when the project of relaxation and entertainment of caliber international and longest sea-going cable car in the world. On the other hand, the location of Sonasea Villas & Resort also brings more fortune to owners.

Phu Quoc real estate

Sonasea Villas & Resort

Sonasea Villas & Resort is a diversified business

Specifically different from other resorts, the Sonasea Villas & Resort has created a level playing field that creates an open playground – a socialized playground and offers a wealth of investment and business opportunities. When you purchase the Sonasea Villas, you will benefit from the commitment of the owner. Moreover, for those who prefer business and expectation of value-added, customers should choose to buy a commercial townhouse because they can buy one or several plots of land on the 1st – 2nd floors to business and above the apartment, hotel for rent.

On the other hand, Sonasea Villas & Resort offers a wide range of products including resorts, villas and apartments, walking and shopping streets, office and commercial complexes and modern amusement parks. Each type of product is operated by a world-class manager so that customers can enjoy world-class services and facilities in different styles. In addition to the Novotel, Sonasea Villas & Resort will add 4 to 5-star hotels and resorts and will be run by world-renowned conglomerates.

It can be seen that the Sonasea Villas & Resort villa project is excellent with a wide variety of brands, products, utilities and services and attracting a wide variety of customers. This has resulted in a variety of added value and eventually increased the value of the property. That is the potential value that customers enjoy when buying villas here.

Phu Quoc real estate has made great strides to bring to customers the most wonderful and happy experiences. You are absolutely assured of your life with us. Phu Quoc will always follow you and with you overcome all difficulties!

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