There is a place to reduce stress

Coming to Da Nang, there are many places to go, there are many things to try. All these things will make you have different levels of emotions, time and space

This life is more and more stressful with a lot of worries, with so many things in your hands that can make you feel tired, reeling from the pressure of work.

So why not take care of yourself to take care of other loved ones by resting your body and soul?

a corner of Da Nang City

Da Nang always brings in a beautiful charm

A trip away is the most effective solution for you now. However, there are too many places to choose for yourself such as Nha Trang, Da Lat, … but there is a certain name you should not miss that is Da Nang.

Coming to Da Nang to enjoy – an open space, busy, crowded.

Coming to this place, you are sure there will be no time to worry anymore because the metropolis’s urban rhythm will clear away your tiredness and worries. Surrounding you is the metropolitan urban space with high-rise buildings, amusement arcades, food and bustling tourist attractions. You will definitely be attracted to the air due to this. Visit around Da Nang you certainly do not forget:

Check in with the crowded dove at Bien Dong Park.

Holding hands together across the bridge of Love was built on the Han River.

Visiting dragon carp symbol.

Da nang do not forget to visit Danang People’s Committee nhé – a very unique architecture in this place.

Da Nang City

Danang – an open space, busy, crowded.

Hoi An – go to nostalgia

Hoi An space poetry, lyrical mix of sweet nostalgic memories without losing the hustle and bustle of a busy area of ​​the sea.

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Hoi An tourism can not miss the trip to:

Cu Lao Cham: swimming, diving, snorkeling and enjoying the special seafood of this place.

Visit the temple Bridge – the temple does not have a Buddha here: Temple Bridge – the common name for the architectural complex consists of small temple attached to the northern slope of the ancient bridge in the ancient town of Hoi An (now the city Hoi An) in Quang Nam province. Along with Phat Diem Tile Bridge (Ninh Binh), Thanh Toan Tile Bridge (Thua Thien-Hue), Hoi An Bridge is one of three bridges in Vietnam, known by many tourists.

The bridge is 18 m long with seven wooden compartments, squeezed through the creek to Hoai River (a branch of Thu Bon River) connecting Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu of Hoi An. The bridge has a soft curved shape, many beautiful patterns. The bridges and pagodas are made of lacquered wood and are elaborately carved. The front of the pagoda turns toward the river, the pagoda roof is covered with yin and yang to cover the whole bridge.

Phung Hung – No. 04 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai: is extremely sacred and special place. It witnessed the birth of eight generations of Phung Hung – people who contributed to the history of Vietnam.

ancient house Tan Ky,

Phuoc Kien Restaurant.

Hoi An owns an ancient beauty, gentle

Hoi An is simple, soothing to a city atmosphere

This is a place of worship, money and friendship meeting of Fujian people. Come to visit, visitors will admire the unique architecture magnificent, carved sophisticated. The hamlet has a “Tam” architecture in order: gate – yard – lake – bonsai – two blocks east and west – main – backyard – and post – electricity. The main shrine Thien Mau, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, God Spirit, three pregnant women and 12 women midwife. There are also many bronze statues, bronze drums, bronze bells, large incense burner, 14 lanterns and other valuable objects.

Ba Na Hill – go to the soul with the mountains.

Spacious, airy, blue of the tree, blue sky, temperature is cool all year round people.

Ba Na Hill has more to offer than what visitors think of a high mountain location. The air above the clouds, like smoke, is so close to the level that humans can feel. Ba Na Hill is famous for its longest cable system in the world, the highest level in the world. Taking the cable car at this amazing height, visitors sometimes have to take a deep breath and slowly exhale gently, the feeling of both exhilaration and excitement are reaching hands to reach the glittering clouds of great difficulty.

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hill – go to the soul with the mountains, explore the interesting

At this point, your troubles as being thrown out after the head only feeling the soul is floating along the clouds while riding the cable car, hanging with the foot steps here.

The general temperature at Ba Na hill is always lower than the average of few degrees C will not feel tired, frustrated by hot sun chase anymore, your temper may be cooler, more calm .

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