Place The Tree Feng Shui To Catch Fortune

Each location, each room in the house means different feng shui. Therefore, the selection and placement of feng shui trees in the house must be carefully considered to bring the fortune for your home.

Culture focus on feng shui characteristics of the Vietnamese. No matter how modern lifestyle, this feature cannot be lacking.

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To combine feng shui culture with the modern lifestyle, today most people are fond of feng shui trees. They are suitable for the trend of living green space, It can help relieve stress, reduce stress. Homeowners can choose some suitable feng shui trees to decorate the house. Helped to increase the feng shui gas, just helped the house more beautiful.

However, how to choose trees? Where to place the plants is an issue that we need to consider carefully. As each plant, each location in the house has different feng shui effects.

Some feng shui trees

Place the tree feng shui to catch fortune

There are many types of feng shui trees in the living room

Trees also are known as Magnolia. They are blooming in the late autumn and have a very pleasant smell so they can be placed in the open air. The meaning of Feng Shui Magnolia is the success, luck and fortune. And they have very persistent vitality, bringing life to the house.

Treasure is a feng shui fortune is much favored. The name of this plant speaks of good and fortune. So many homeowners love to put them in the living room to bring home a fortune.

The deciduous tree is believed to be a gas-cooled and fun-loving plant. Especially in the family, the more you choose the tree.

Jade symbolizes money. They are also known as golden emerald, implies golden pearl. So the jade flower also symbolizes wealth and wealth.

The beetle has the effect of teaspoon tea, gas artery, bad gas removal, zodiac rostrum. So many feng shui experts advised choosing this plant grown in the house

How to apply feng shui trees?

Living room

This is the most important place in every family. Therefore, the interior decoration and the green must be harmonious in terms of aesthetics as well as feng shui. In ancient times, there was a saying: “North cultivates almond trees, southern apricot trees, Eastern apricot trees, western apricot trees”, meaning that each location will be suitable for a different kind of tree.

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Place the tree feng shui to catch fortune

Each tree will have its own “feng shui” position

From this perspective, the owner can plant trees in accordance with the directions. However, the apartments will be quite limited. Should be replaced with:

+ Northern jade orchid, sample, silver

+ Male flowers

+ Grow emerald, cherry, flower tea, cloves

+ Western grown fig, Magnolia

Besides these trees, the host can also choose the trees meaning feng shui fortune like money, jade, thousand years, …


In the master bedroom space, homeowners should choose small plants, need less water like the lioness, golden sand, tiger’s tongue, aloe vera, bed nests, … But should be located far from the bed head, not good for sleep. And avoid picking big trees, dark colors, easily affect the body and mood.

Place the tree feng shui to catch fortune

Avoid placing more trees near the bed


This is also an inappropriate place to place green trees due to greasy cooking space, easy to smell. So with the large kitchen space, the owner does not necessarily have to put the fortune in this area. Choose small plants such as mint, cinnamon, sage.

Selecting any kind of tree will have many meanings, bad effects on feng shui housing. Therefore, the owner should carefully consider both the tree as well as the position of putting green trees in the house or consult a feng shui expert can welcome the fortune.

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