Plan to buy the most deluxe apartments

When thinking of high-end apartments, many people think that it is necessary to have a large amount of money from VND2-3 billion or more. But that thought may not be true in the present moment.

Because many investors in the market are offering high-end apartments with extremely flexible payment methods, with only a few hundred million in the same income and stable income from VND20-25 million per month, you Absolutely have the opportunity to own a luxury apartment.

In ancient times there is the phrase “An optimistic occupation,” this statement is indeed not wrong at any point in time. Certainly, those who go to work and have a family desire to have their own home, the more desirable with the apartments, townhouses are full of facilities and fresh living space. But the reality is that not everyone has a large sum of money in their hands to buy a home, which is why we should plan to buy a home as soon as possible. In this article, realestatevietnam will tell you the plan to buy the most luxurious apartments even if you do not have a lot of money.

Step one: Check the money in hand

The first and most important step in planning a luxury apartment is to look at your finances. Ask questions: “How much cash are there in my hand?”, “What is the total amount of capital and interest in my savings book?”, “I can borrow more from my family. How many “,” What value but unnecessary things, I can sell or liquidate, and how much they are. “

Once you know the total amount of money you have, the next step is to evaluate your current salary, if possible evaluate your expected future salary increase. Make the best home purchase plan.


Immediately check the amount of money available to set up a home purchase

At this stage, Realestatevietnam assumes that the total amount of cash you currently have is VND500 million (excluding borrowed money from family members). The current salary you receive from the company is VND25 million per month. With these two factors, you absolutely have the ability to buy a luxury apartment in the center, price from VND2 billion.

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Second Step: Understanding and Accessing Project Information

As soon as you prepare your finances, the next thing to do is to find out and access the project information you want to buy. In this case, suppose you are interested and want to buy Palm Garden – Palm City (District 2). What you have to do right now is access to information about the project. Find out who the owner of the project is, who the official distribution unit of the project is, whether the project location is good for your move, how much the project costs, there are what are the benefits … and most importantly, whether the project supports borrowers to borrow bank loans and how the payment method, the current amount of VND500 million – 1 billion are eligible for purchase Usually when you find a project, apartment, you are often emotional and decision-making immediately. However, if you let your emotions settle down and have time to compare and weigh more than one apartment or project, then you will make the right decision. If you do not have experience, contact our Realestatevietnam Specialist on Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 for assistance.

Step three: Prepare money, choose the distribution unit and buy the apartment

In this step, Realestatevietnam advice is for you to buy the project in the first sale to get the best price and the incentive from the investor. If you buy too late, surely the money you have to spend is very different than buying in the first open.

Once you have selected your desired apartment project, you will begin to choose a reputable distributor for the project and make a purchase. For example, with the Palm Garden – Palm City project, Realestatevietnam is the official distributor so all information and sales processes for this apartment can be contacted directly Realestatevietnam , or refer to the website of Realestatevietnam .

At this stage, the most common question is: are I still short of money, should I borrow money from a bank or borrow my relatives? According to Realestatevietnam , you should limit bank loans to a minimum. If you borrow too much, paying monthly interest will be a big pressure for you. That is not to mention the interest will cause the value of the home team up. So if your family, relative or relative, you should ask them for help. With high-end apartment VND2 billion, you should only borrow up to 50% of the apartment value, ie only VND1 billion loan.

The trend is pretty small

Once you have chosen the apartment project you like, you start choosing the prestigious distribution unit and make the purchase order.

In fact, during the implementation of the plan will have many incidents such as: Regrettably discovered more apartments than the apartment you bought and want to change the decision; The husband and wife have a relatively good income to own the apartment is over VND2 billion …

Important advice for home buying plans is to rely on the inherent wealth of the home. If your income is limited or you are looking to buy expensive apartments, located in the heart of the city, there is no other way to solve the problem of raising salaries, finding additional income sources, … .

Suggested plans to buy Palm Garden apartment with income from VND25 million / month

Palm Garden

Beautiful design of Palm Garden – Palm City

Customers who have cash from VND500 – 800 million, income from VND25 million / month and interest in Palm Garden – Palm City apartments can refer to the apartment purchase plan below:

  • Total income: VND 20 million / month.
  • Type of apartment to buy: One bedroom apartment.
  • Apartment area: 46sqm
  • Apartment price: About VND2 billion, handed over


  • Accumulation (or cash in hand): VND500 – 800 million, equivalent to 25 – 40% of the total value of apartments to buy.

Money from the family (or liquidation of unneeded goods): VND500 million, equivalent to 25% of the value of apartments to buy.

  • Bank loans: VND700 million – 1 billion, equivalent to 35 – 50% of the remaining apartment value (Note: customers can borrow up to 70% of the apartment value).

With the loan amount of VND700 million – 1 billion, you have to borrow a commercial loan with interest rate of 10% per year for 20 years, you will pay:

  • Principal amount monthly:

– 1,000 / (20 × 12) = VND4.1 million / month (For a VND1 billion loan package).

– 700 / (20×12) = VND 2.9 million / month (For VND 700 million loan package).

  • Maximum monthly interest rate:

– 1,000 x 10% / 12 = VND 8.3 million / month (For a VND one billion loan package).

– 700 x 10% / 12 = VND 5.8 million / month (For VND 700 million loan package).

  • Total monthly payment:

– 4.1 + 8.3 = VND 12.4 million / month (for the loan package of VND 1 billion).

– 2.9 + 5.8 = VND 8.7 million / month (For VND 700 million loan package).

Thus, the remaining amount after paying the bank falls into the range: VND 12.6 to 16.3 million (for the income of VND 25 million / month). If you save, this money still guarantees monthly spending for 2 people.

In addition, Palm Garden’s investor Keppel Land is launching a number of preferential policies for homebuyers along with flexible payment schedules (45% payment on home). This is the ideal opportunity for buyers who are looking to own a luxury apartment in the most beautiful urban area of ​​Nam Rach Rach.

With the hints of the most up-to-date luxury apartment plan above, Realestatevietnam hopes to help you make your decision. To better understand the Palm Garden subdivision, you can download the Palm Garden Analysis and Assessment document completely free of charge:

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