Planning for Hanoi Railway Station: 40 to 70 stories high

Ha City People’s Committee is consulting with the ministries on urban planning projects in Hanoi and surrounding areas, the rate of 1/2000.

This project aims to concretize the master plan for the construction of Hanoi capital up to 2030 with a view to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister. This is related to the problem of space processing in Hanoi station.

Ha Noi railway station

Ha Noi station

Accordingly, the planning area will belong to the administrative boundaries of Dong Da (Van Mieu, Quoc Tu Giam, Bo Pho, Van Chuong, Kham Thien), Hoan Kiem District (Cua Nam Ward), Ba Dinh District Dien Bien Ward, Hai Ba Trung District (Nguyen Du Ward).

The total area planned will be about 98.1 ha; with a total population of about 44,000 people (including 100% of the current population of about 40,300).

With this project, Hanoi Railway Station is rebuilt as a passenger terminal and international trains in all directions; is the central station of the urban railway No. 1 Yen Vien-Ngoc Hoi, connected with the urban railway No. 3 on Tran Hung Dao Street; It is a multi-modal transportation hub that includes the Capital’s road, rail, trade, business and culture networks.

Regarding the organization of landscape architectural space, the plan also indicates 9 functional space spatial.

Specifically, the low-rise cultural area, financial areas, architecture area about 40-70 storey layout in the north of the planned land; the media area is about 40-70 storeys and park layout in the East of the land; international trade;

new lifestyle is about 40-60 floors, layout in the southwest of the land planning; 40-60-storey urban resort, 40-70 floor railway station located in the center of the planned area.

In addition, the project is highlighted by the proposed project with 3 designs of height of the works within the planning, high buildings from 100-200m built around the Linh Quang lake.

In particular, the 200m high point project will be located in the following locations: Option 1 in the Northwest of Linh Quang Lake; Option 2 in the southeast of Linh Quang lake; Option 3 in the area south of Linh Quang Lake. With these three options, the City People’s Committee proposed the option of setting up a 200m high-key project in the northwest of Linh Quang Lake.

Urban planning projects in Hanoi

Urban planning projects in Hanoi and surrounding areas have a total investment of nearly 24 trillion dong.

On the divergence of the investment area, the project provides three stages of development. Phase 1 to 2020: Construction of resettlement works in Ngo Sy Lien Water Plant and Van Chuong collective area; reconstruction of Hanoi railway station and Linh Quang lake area; At the same time, to build a basic technical infrastructure and an underground parking network.

Phase 2 (developed to 2030), will develop a network of pedestrian roads and tunnels. Construction of new media, new lifestyle, international trade, and railway station.

Phase 3 (developed from 2025 to 2035), along with Phase 2, guarantees 100% of resettlement housing to promote development. Start building financial centers in the planning area.

The total cost of capital investment will be estimated at VND 23,800 billion. Of which, the capital city of Hanoi is to invest in the construction of all transport systems and technical infrastructure (about VND 700 billion); Urban railway No. 3 will receive investment capital for the construction of routes, railway stations and underground structures of the route (about VND 100 billion);

Urban railway operator No. 1 will take the capital to invest in the construction of the Hanoi railway line and the works within the area of ​​Hanoi railway station (about VND 3,000 billion); Investors of urban development projects within the scope of the plan shall receive investment capital for the construction of their projects (about 20,000 billion VND).

One of the limitations of the project is the construction of high-rise buildings with a maximum height of 200m in the northwest of Linh Quang Lake, in the historic inner city, close to Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam (because this is the area that does not allow the construction of new buildings with high-rise buildings).

On the other hand, the project also increased the historic urban population size in the Master Plan for the construction of the capital approved by the Prime Minister from 800,000 people to 824,000.

Along with this is the change of direction Quoc Tu Giam street, connecting with Ly Thuong Kiet street (in the plan of the capital transportation planning approved by the Prime Minister, this street is expected to connect to the street. Tran Hung Dao will affect the existing Hanoi railway station.

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