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Planting Trees According To Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tree Planting

Trees not only contribute to air conditioning. If you know the layout, the location of the tree in Feng Shui can help the owner receive a lot of fortune.

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Previously, people used to plant trees around the house to create shade, noise reduction or seasonal fruit. However, besides these roles, green trees also act as an important feng shui object to help the owner avoid the devil and the bad luck in life. What is the position of planting trees is good for feng shui?

Location of trees outside the house

Outdoor planting will contribute to the appearance of the whole house, be showing the individuality and aesthetic eye of the owner. Therefore, we are not only interested in the position of planting, but also in selecting plants in harmony with the whole.

Accordingly, landlords can plant trees in the following locations:

– Tree planting at the main door: This planting site can prevent bad energies from blowing in, while also receiving air for the space inside the house. However, at the main door should not grow too large shade trees because then the sunlight will be hidden, making the house more sound, not good for the health of the whole family.

Feng Shui Tree Planting
The placement of trees in the house can prevent bad energies from blowing in

In addition, door materials should be considered for door selection. If the wooden door should be planted two large stems on both sides, and the metal door should choose trees with soft branches.

front of the yard: Trees growing in front of the yard will bring more luck to the house, help the host to do business, improve relationships and keep life happy enough.

Feng Shui Tree Planting
Plants in front yard will bring more luck for the house

According to know how to plant trees by feng shui trees, bamboo, citrus. Setting the tree towards the south is best.

– Planting trees on the balcony: Will create both aesthetic and good for the owner’s fortune if the choice and layout properly.

Feng shui said that if the planted trees on the balcony to create great stability on the way of the title of the owner. In addition, it is possible to hang additional small flower pots to decorate the outer space.

Arrangement of bonsai in the house

Indoor plants create an accent for interior space and also good for human health. However, do not plant too many trees because it can exhaust the oxygen of family members.

– Planting trees in the living room: Living room is the most obvious place of the owner, so the arrangement of furniture in the living room is often given priority. Growing a suitable tree in this space can help your family move up quickly.

Feng Shui Tree Planting
Growing plants in the living room help the family move up quickly

The position of the tree in the living room should be placed in a separate position with other rooms, not placed in the middle of the room. Should only use the trees are physically fit, leaves fresh flowers, blue, red or yellow as lotus, gun, wrong tree is the best. Avoid regular flowering plants, spiky or aging plants.

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– Tree planting in the kitchen: The position of the tree in the kitchen will directly affect the health of the whole family. Be careful not to put the tree next to the kitchen because the plant will soon be heated by the heat of the fire to wilt and die.

Feng Shui Tree Planting
In the kitchen do not put the tree next to the kitchen.

Choose plants in the kitchen space should pay much attention to the direction of the kitchen. If the kitchen is south, choose many leafy trees, and large leaves to avoid the homeowner’s money. The north-style stove should choose the rose plant to reduce cold air. If the kitchen is west, choose a yellow flower.

– Planting plants in bathrooms and toilets: These are two spaces of high humidity, lack of light and many sounds, so need to plant trees to balance Yin-Yang.

Feng Shui Tree Planting
In the bathroom and toilet should plant trees to balance Yin-Yang

Suitable plants in the bathroom are aloe vera, tiger’s stick, exotic orchid or orchid. With large trees should be fixed on the ground, small trees can be hung on the wall.

In addition, if a family arranges a kitchen opposite the toilet, a pot should be placed in front of the toilet to prevent odors, bacteria, and gas from the toilet.

– Tree planting in the bedroom: The position of tree planting in the bedroom should be carefully selected as it strongly influences the sleep of the whole family. There should be no more trees here.

Feng Shui Tree Planting
Do not grow many trees in the bedroom

Trees, rough hedgerows, and bonsai trees are the ones that should be avoided in the bedroom as it causes the eyes to become lodged and makes the wearer often fatigued. The two most suitable plants for the bedroom are orchids and ferns.

The above is a share of the location of the feng shui plant good for the health and fortune of the owner. Hope it can help you have certain knowledge to satisfy the passion with the trees while giving yourself a lot of luck.

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