Politburo accepted Hanoi experiment model of urban government

According to information from the Hanoi Party Committee, Politburo has approved the city of Hanoi to be piloted under the model of urban administration in the districts.

Hanoi Party’s Executive Board has recently held a thorough grasp of the Politburo’s conclusions on the 5-year review of the implementation of Resolution No. 11-NQ-TW on the direction and tasks of developing the Hanoi capital in 2011. – 2020.

According to the conclusion, the Politburo agrees with five groups of proposals and proposals of Hanoi Party Committee; delegated to party committees, party committees, party committees, party committees directly under the central government based on functions and tasks actively coordinated with Hanoi implementation organization.

Politburo accepted Hanoi experiment model of urban government

Politburo accepted Hanoi experiment model of urban government

In that, Party of National Assembly led the amendment of some relevant laws and allocate support funds for Hanoi to carry out key projects in the area.

Party Committee of the Government leadership to amend some relevant decrees; To formulate a number of specific mechanisms and policies; Issuing standards and technical standards on planning and architecture; To approve the planning on the network of tertiary education institutions; Regulation and coordination mechanism among provinces and cities in the Capital Region; Strengthening the decentralization or authorization of Hanoi city to approve the planning and investment projects, approval of the job placement scheme.

Politburo also agreed for Hanoi to be piloted under the model of urban government in the districts; Continue to strengthen the rural government in accordance with the law.

Earlier on October 20, at the Politburo meeting with the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, the Hanoi leadership proposed a number of issues such as general planning satellite towns; deploying a number of urban infrastructure projects; The city is allowed to collect 20% of the land fund with the value of 20% of the land fund with commercial housing projects or urban development projects with a land use area of ​​10 hectares or more to develop social housing area

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong requested the city to propose issues that need to be applied to the Government, National Assembly to amend the law if necessary. The specific mechanism for Hanoi capital should be developed in a suitable manner so that all levels and sectors must draw resources to Hanoi and at the same time clearly state the responsibilities of each agency. On proposing to increase decentralization and decentralization to the capital, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong requested that Hanoi be boldly implement …

“We have to roll our sleeves together to work, attract all the resources and international quintessence to build the capital to become a ‘flying dragon city’, a cultural, elegant, peaceful, traditional culture from the time of the ancient capital Loa “- General Secretary said.

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