Preferential selling policy of AB Central square apartment

AB Central Square apartment project is receiving great attention from the residents in need and investors. The project has many advantages in terms of both quality and service. In addition, the preferential price policy from the owner is one of the attractive points of the project.

To choose apartments to buy, especially apartments in resort area such as AB Central Square Nha Trang, customers need to pay more attention to many issues. However, when deciding to buy AB Central Square, customers will be pleased with the great preferential policies from the owner, giving them an attractive chance to buy and invest in apartments.

So what are advantages of AB Central Square Apartments that make it so prominent in the coastal real estate market?

  1. Strengths of the location and infrastructure of the project.

Being located in an extremely favorable spot, this is one of the strengths helping AB Central Square project attract a great number of customers. There are very few apartment projects in the city or the coastal area have such strong location strengths. The four fronts of the project are adjacent to the major roads in the area and one side straight toward the sea. It is convenient for traveling and business, for enjoying the airy space.

No inferior than the large projects in the city, AB Central Square project is built with an extremely convenient infrastructure, with an emphasis on developing Nha Trang’s coastal area to become a tourist attraction, so the infrastructure, the quality of surrounding environment of the project are strongly invested from the airy and safe traffic system, the system of dense lighting and the surveillance camera system attached to the most important roads, helping the life of residents, visitors in the area in particular and in the project in particular to be guaranteed as safe as possible.

  1. The special and modern design of AB Central Square.

AB Central Square project has a completely different design direction compared to many coastal projects in the area. The most obvious difference can be seen in the design of the project, in the overall planning. From a distance, the project can be imagined as a boat ready to rush into the gentle with sea view so that apartments in the project have airy view, space to welcome the sea breeze and mild sunshine.

The planning of the project is also designed with many items such as hotels, apartments, commercial centers, modern sports and recreational area …

  1. Preferential policies, price support from the investor.

When investing in AB Central Square apartments, customers will have the opportunity to buy apartments at preferential rates, as well as receive supporting policies from the bank working with the investor. With these policies, you will not be too anxious about the amount of money should be prepared to buy an apartment in the project, nor too worried about cost. With large preferential policies, when buying apartments in the AB Central Square project with the price from 50 to 60 million/m2, customers only deposit 50 million to buy an apartment. The remaining amount will be paid at a very low percent in the following months thanks to the supporting policy HD bank.

With such price advantages, the purchase of AB Central Square apartments will not be difficult for customers who are in need of buying apartments to stay and to do business. Quick reserve for more great preferences.

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