Premier Village Phu Quoc – Emotionally Stiring Masterpiece

In today’s modern life, each of us is always trying to have the best life, to achieve our dreams. The biggest reward for each of them is that they will be relaxed in a great place after a tiring work day and can regain energy and spirits in the fastest way.

Understanding this issue, the Sun Group investor recently launched a villa project that can meet all your needs and evaporate all your fatigues. The project is called “Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort”.

The villa project promises to give every visitor a sense of comfort, freshness and class. Investors, designers and architects have painted and added to the Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort a gorgeous yet harmonious color scheme, a work of art that can move all the senses when you get on well with this place.

So what is special feature of project Premier Village Villa Phu Quoc Resort that gives the visitors so much emotional? What attracts the attention of the visitors? Sooner or later, let’s find out and answer this question.

How do you assess the location of Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort?

It can be said that the location that Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort owns is a unique location, right at Mui Ong Do – a strip of land located between the beautiful sea of ​​the East Sea and the Gulf of Thailand that it brought a lot of advantages for the project.

Another thing is that Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort also owns a wonderful terrain painted a unique natural painting dream of Asia: There is clear blue sea, sandy beach. There are majestic rocky gorge, fairy spring and wild primitive forest that make people surprise.

Moreover, with such beautiful location, the guests and tourists can move to Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort easily. With more than 15 direct domestics and international flights per day by air: 14 flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, one flight from Russia, one from Singapore… so every traveler can travel.  It’s an easy transfer, isn’t it?

Customers can also choose a route by waterway, the time you move from Ha Tien train to Phu Quoc lost at about 2.30 ‘. Not only that, all visitors can fully choose their trip to Phu Quoc with Phu Quoc tourist port has been rushed construction and is expected to be put into operation 2017.

See more information at: Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Did you know the details of the Premier Village villa project in Phu Quoc Resort?

Soon after, all details about the project will be introduced.

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort project is a complex of 118 luxury villas. There are various types of villas for visitors to choose from such as: rocky villa (5 villas), villas on the water (16 villas), villas on the hill, villas overlooking the sea , Villas near the primeval forest, hillside villas.

All the villas are built on different heights, with the unique beauty of nature, coral reefs with whirring waves, pure white sand… all will bring the flawless paintings soaked up all the emotions of the visitors.

Premier Village Phu Quoc

Full facilities at Premier Village Phu Quoc Villa

Premier Village Resort Phu Quoc Resort brings a touch of comfort to a luxurious resort.

With the talented hands of the world’s leading designers, Phu Quoc Resort has brought to the forefront of Phu Quoc Resort’s premier facilities such as unique infinity pool. The sea surface can accommodate up to 1000 customers. The spa level in the middle of the fresh and cool primary forest, as well as the modern maritime entertainment club along with retail services provide goods brand and high level…

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is run under the management of well-known and experienced corporations promising to bring customers unique experiences, an unforgettable holiday.

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort – a smart investment for investors.

With a favorable policy, the program is committed to a profit of 9% per annum for 10 years in a row plus financial support up to 70% -85% from the bank. Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort will be an excellent and perfect real estate product.

In particular, future investors investing in the Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort will also enjoy a free 15-day stay in the project, or can be converted to another class number managed by Sun Group.

With such preferential policies, this is really a policy investment that will ensure a great benefit for future investors.

Strong strides, with the motto of bringing beauty to the right spot for a potential piece of land, the investor of the Sun Group project is always determined to bring visitors a timeless world-class travel experience – Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort.

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