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Price And Payment Method Bora Bora Apartment

Diamond Island Project

Floor plan of Bora Bora Diamond Tower is designed 27 floors high, each floor has 10 apartments with the following areas:

1 Bedroom: 51.18  sqm

2 Bedrooms: 87.88 sqm – 96.24 sqm

3 Bedrooms: 117.48 sqm – 119.61 sqm

Pool villa: 363.58 sqm – 401.07 sqm

Garden villa: 175.79 sqm – 224.86 sqm

Sky Villa: 323.37 sqm – 415.26 sqm

The selling price of Bora Bora tower is at VND 36 million / sqm (rough allocation) and VND  43 million / sqm.

Diamond Island Project
Apartment layout at Bora Bora Tower

The Bora Bora tower, as well as other attractive towers, are provided by Techcombank, the bank guaranteeing the project. At present, only 30% payment until the time of receiving the house, exemption of principal in the first year, 0% interest for 2 years, free early repayment within the first 2 years. In addition, when customers pay quickly, they will receive a discount rate of between 1.5% and 10%.

STTTimeValue payment
1Signed a deposit contract (sale contract)10%
2Three months after signing the contract (expected February 2017)5%
3Four months after signing the contract(expected May 2017)5%
4Five months after signing the contract (expected August 2017)5%
5Six months after signing the contract (expected November 2017)5%
6Handing over ( expected in the third quarter of 2018)65%
7Handing over the pink house certificate5%
Total value100%

Payment plan and payment route Bora Bora Tower, Diamond Island

In addition, customers who buy 1 unit will receive a discount of 3%, buy 2 units or more will be discounted 4% for each apartment and a discount of 1% / unit for loyal customers of the project. For more information, please leave your information or contact Hotline 0989.62.62.39 for a quote on specific financial needs and discounts.

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Price And Payment Method Bora Bora Apartment

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