Why Is The Price For Kenton Node Project In District 7 Higher Than In Neighboring Project From 10-30%

Being in the top of the “super project” revived after the real estate crisis, the Kenton Node project is one of the most notable investments by size, design and capital having a significant “upgrade”.

The proposed selling price ranges from VND 42 -45 million / sqm. This is considered a high price in the region. Will that price be worth the price and this price strategy help Tai Nguyen company scored in the eyes of investors?

How is Kenton Node selling price compared to neighboring projects?

With an initial budget of only $ 350 million, now raised to $ 800 million, the overall appearance, capabilities, and scale of the project have changed. Kenton Node is considered as the “giant” of Saigon South in 2017.

Kenton Node is located at the prime location, at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho (Nha Be district). This is the main artery of Saigon South, concentrating many traffic projects have been and are deploying, linking pretty good. This place also focuses on many outstanding projects such as: Sunrise Cityview, The Park Residence, Sunrise Riverside, Dragon Hills, …

  • Kenton Node project

    Table compares Kenton Node to nearby projects

    Sunrise Cityview: price is from VND 40-50 million / sqm, this is a large-scale project on the road Nguyen Huu Tho, handed over, residents move in quite large.

  • Sunrise Riverside: Price VND 28-33 million / sqm, only 200m from the project
  • SG South Res: Price from VND 32 million / sqm
  • Hung Phat Silver Star: Price range from VND 22-26 million / sqm

Although there is no official information from the developer, industry circles have made initial estimates for Kenton Node’s expected price, with a base price of VND 42 million / sqm, which is considered to be an edge price compared with projects of regional scale such as Sunrise Cityview (40-50 million / m2).

Compared with neighboring projects located on the same Nguyen Huu Tho Road, Kenton Node is quite expensive. Recently, the Phu Hoang Anh project of The Park Residence has welcomed residents, this is one of the rare projects in District 7 area with small area, suitable for small family. The price is only VND 26-28 million / sqm.

According to a preliminary assessment from Vietnam Real Estate, Kenton Node has a selling price of over VND 40 million / sqm because it is a “hell of a big investment” project, integrating 50 rare inside facilities within the apartment project. Owning a variety of investment types (apartments, shophouses, hotels, condotels, …) opens up many options for investors.

The reason why the Kenton Node has a high price in the area

Under the approved planning and modification, the project is a combination of condotel, hotel, shopping center, entertainment center, theater Acting and school, international clinic. In which 5-star hotel standard, there are 288 rooms, condotel area has 586 apartments. For apartments with 1,683 units, area from 47sqm to 142sqm.

Kenton Node project

The Kenton Node project is a $ 800 million investment

In general, compared to projects on Nguyen Huu Tho, Kenton Node

  • Together with Nguyen Huu Tho
  • This project is adjacent to Rach Dia River, which has a long river bank that creates coolness for the project
  • The project is focused on high-end segment

The difference makes the Kenton Node class

The Kenton Node project is located on the front of Nguyen Huu Tho Street, which is 7m higher than the surface of the road, ensuring it is not flooded due to weather conditions: rain or tides, which makes it different from other projects.

The Kenton Node project incorporates more than 50 unique local amenities for the first time in Vietnamese apartment projects, primarily catering to the recreational needs of Kenton Node residents. In addition to the popular facilities such as parks, strolling way, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, …, this place has gathered quite a variety of different types of entertainment, creating a highlight for the super project. This is like: water music stage (invest more than $ 3 million), western neighborhood, outdoor stage, pool, lazy river, …

Kenton Node is a rare project in HCMC that owns the condotel, one of the highly profitable investments in Vietnam. In addition, the project also integrates hotel, office, commercial and residential areas to meet the investment needs and diversification of residents in and outside the country.

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