Prime Minister: Do not divide the surface of the sea in Phu Quoc

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested Kien Giang Province to build Phu Quoc Gem Pearl, not “divide the ground” of the sea.

The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s announcement has been announced by the Government Office at a recent meeting with leaders of Kien Giang province.

PM asked not to divide the surface of the sea in Phu Quoc

PM asked not to divide the surface of the sea in Phu Quoc

The Prime Minister appreciated one of the highlights of Kien Giang over the past time is the pace of development of Phu Quoc with promising potential and the presence of many large investors.

With the economic potential that Phu Quoc brings to Kien Giang, the Prime Minister requests: “Kien Giang province builds Phu Quoc Island with the name Ngoc Island Pearls and Prosperity.”

Accordingly, Kien Giang needs to focus investment and attract investment to build the center of tourism – recreation – entertainment unique to Phu Quoc has the international attractiveness in attracting strategic investors. With a long-term vision, Phu Quoc becomes an impression of Vietnam, impresses with the global, capable of competing effectively with the tourist centers – resorts – entertainment in the world.

Specifically, the Project of Phu Quoc Special Economic – Administrative Area with the core activity is the famous entertainment center, focusing on the comparative advantages of marine resources and forest resources, development The tourism value chain includes relevant economic sectors such as financial services, banking; green and clean industries, hi-tech agriculture, small-scale handicrafts … to create high-grade products for tourists.

The Prime Minister requests that together with the development of infrastructure to meet the demand for high-class services, the natural beauty and landscape must be preserved and the traditional cultural values ​​of Phu Quoc should be preserved. To ensure the sustainable development and protection of the marine environment and environment on the island, especially the protection of marine ecosystems, marine life, coral reefs, waste water and waste treatment; Defining sanctions, strictly dealing with acts of environmental destruction

The Prime Minister asked Kien Giang to build Phu Quoc Pearl and prosperous

The Prime Minister asked Kien Giang to build Phu Quoc Pearl and prosperous

The Prime Minister must pay attention to improve the quality of planning; Phu Quoc planning vision must be from 30 years to 50 years to meet the immediate and long-term development needs associated with the construction of modern and quality infrastructure to meet the great development potential of Phu Quoc. At the same time, it is necessary to calculate and ensure the efficient use of land and reserve land for each stage of Phu Quoc’s development.

Phu Quoc Development must ensure harmony between investors, people and the State; paying special attention to the livelihoods and interests of the people; combining the construction of tourist infrastructure, parks, recreation areas, hospitals … to create conditions for local people to access the most convenient public services;

In addition, no “subdivision of the ground” of the sea surface; To develop community tourism, diversify tourist products, attach importance to people’s participation in economic activities, intensify vocational training and create jobs for local people; Ensure security and order in the community to do tourism …

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