Profitability from the strong development of Phu Quoc real estate

With the model becoming a special zone of economy – administration in 2020, along with breakthroughs in tourism, convalescence, entertainment Phu Quoc … real estate will also develop strongly.

Tourism and infrastructure are enough conditions for real estate to grow.

According to CBRE, Phu Quoc is one of the best developing and developing tourism markets.

So many land, long beaches, beautiful and pristine beaches, are considered as the world’s leading seas, warm year-round climate and almost never affected by storms.

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This is in line with the development of resort tourism, hotels, resorts and other services related to resort tourism such as casino, or entertainment …

real estate market Phu Quoc

Many foreign magazines and television stations have ranked Phu Quoc as one of the top 15 tourist destinations in the world.

Being planned to become one of three special economic zones in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is entitled to many special policies such as exemption of VAT for tourists at Phu Quoc airport, reduction of corporate income tax to 10% instead of 28. % throughout the project life cycle as before, 50% reduction of personal income tax …

Strong appeal makes the region the highest price increase potential.

In 2015, Kien Giang Province has submitted a proposal “To build special economic zones of Phu Quoc, Kien Giang” in order to have the most specialized mechanism and investment incentives at the highest level with the government and have been approved.

At that time, with the attractiveness of the special economic zone model in the future and the increasingly perfect infrastructure, the demand for tourism and real estate on the island has incredible growth.

There are times when land prices in Phu Quoc increase every day dozens. Particularly the land along the beach suitable for development of resort is always the hottest and most sought after investors.

According to the latest governmental guidelines for Kien Giang, the provincial People’s Committee has asked the provincial People’s Committee to revise a number of policy mechanisms aimed at rethinking the proposal and consider renaming this project into a ” Establishment of Phu Quoc special economic-administrative unit “.

Real Estate Phu Quoc

High-end projects in Phu Quoc have been massively invested in recent years

Specific policy groups proposed include: regional and world leisure centers; financial and economic center.

There will be economic, financial, monetary and banking breakthroughs; tax preferences; attract high quality human resources; Social Security; real estate; entry, entry and residence. Therefore, in order to concentrate investment in Phu Quoc, by 2020, it will become an administrative and economic unit and a resort paradise in the region.

However, looking at the size of the market as well as the price of tourism products in Phuket, Bali and Sentosa, the resort property in Phu Quoc in particular and coastal land in Vietnam is generally at a level so there will be more surplus than other resorts in the area.

A unique opportunity for investors in Ngoc island.

In addition to the modern infrastructure and the inherent potential of nature, the promotion of tourism here through cultural activities and entertainment is also held annually as: Sea Festival , beauty contests in Vietnam and the world … also contribute a part to promote tourism on the island growing strongly which led to the development of resort real estate.

Sea-facing apartments or villas facing the sea in projects in the region and the world are 5-6 times higher than the price of real estate products resort in resorts in Da Nang, Phu Quoc or Nha Vietnam.

Novotel Villas in Phu Quoc is a 5- star standard.

The villas consist of 3-5 bedrooms, with windows, balconies and low-density built around. Each villa has its own private pool and garden, private kitchen and spacious living room.

attraction of coastal condotel in phu quoc

The projects with unique design, luxurious aesthetic is very attractive to customers

ACCOMMODATION The resort’s owners and visitors also enjoy a variety of facilities including pool bar, restaurant, spa, massage, gym, yoga room, coffee shop,…

It can be said, Phu Quoc is in the sight of both domestic and foreign investors thanks to the beautiful scenery, famous, favorable location, long coastline, the “dream” facilities that now Vietnam Nam is new.

Can not help but confirm that Phu Quoc is now a resort paradise, one of the most deserving islands in the world.

The sustainable development on Phu Quoc Island will not only be the center of commerce and services leading Vietnam but also the world’s leading resort.

Regarding this, economic expert Le Dang Doanh predicts that as the population grows, the middle class of income continues to increase, international exchanges will also further promote tourism demand and Phu Quoc real estate in particular and tourism in Vietnam in general.

In addition, experts said that the government has policies to relax the conditions and expand the object for foreigners to own houses in Vietnam.

Looking ahead, with the special administrative-economic model and many preferential policies reserved for Ngoc Island are on the rise, demand for luxury resort property in Phu Quoc will still continute developing.

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