Progress of Gem Riverside Dat Xanh group, district 2

Progress of Gem Riverside District 2 is the latest update in early 2018 – The project is operated and developed into a luxurious, perfect apartment project.

As one of the projects receiving a lot of attention of customers and investors, Gem Riverside has been a hot name in the real estate market in District 2. Thanks to its very favorable location, Perfect and unique design so Gem Riverside received much attention is also natural. Especially about the progress of the Gem Riverside project as well as many customers are interested. For the latest information on the progress of the Gem Riverside project, please join us and follow the article below.

Gem Riverside project

Overview of the Gem Riverside project extremely modern, luxurious and class

Gem Riverside – Luxury apartment projects receive a lot of attention of customers.

Gem Riverside has been a hot project with many people in the world and many customers in need of housing in District 2 interest. Located in the residential area of ​​Nam Rach Chiec, between the administrative center of District 2, Gem Riverside receives a lot of facilities as well as transportation facilities outside the area.

Located right in the administrative center of District 2 – where there are many projects for housing, transportation and utilities are in the process of construction. So now the roads and the environment here are not really convenient.

However, in the future, about 2 to 3 more years, when the area is successfully planned, all projects are completed, this will be the busiest and most development of Saigon. It is as beautiful as the districts, centers in the city.

location of Gem Riverside

Simulation project location Gem Riverside District 2

Gem Riverside is quite large, about 67 hectares with a construction density of 35%. The whole project consists of 12 towers, of which 6 are built near the sea with about 3100 luxury apartments. The project started in late 2017 and is expected to be completed and handed over to customers in 2020.

In this project, Dat Xanh investor cooperated with An Phong construction contractor – one of the famous construction companies in the real estate market and participated in many large projects from the North to the South. In the process of its operation, An Phong is regularly present in the project of luxury construction and always completed on schedule as well as ensure the quality of the project as expected.

Thus, with the prestigious investor along with reputable construction contractor, Gem Riverside will certainly be the next high-end luxury apartment project in District 2.

overall gem riverside

The Gem Riverside project is well planned with a large investor

What about living environment at the Gem Riverside apartment project?

The Gem Riverside project, like “Europe Minor”, is located in the heart of Saigon, with its unique architecture and classic European influences. . Gem Riverside appears as a miniature city next to the cool river of Saigon. It is also known as the green lung of the city with a park nearly 7ha. Dense vegetation covers the entire river, creating a perfect green living space at Gem Riverside.

In particular, Gem Riverside is surrounded on both sides of the river, which not only creates a beautiful view, but also makes the place becomes fresh, cool and separate from the noise of the outside.

Not only that, Gem Riverside project is located in the middle of paradise utility, all customers can peace of mind and enjoy the peace here without any service any. The Gem Riverside is full of commercial centers, luxury restaurants, health centers, schools, health and beauty. All residents’ needs are met. In addition, Gem Riverside residents are able to enjoy the convenience of a variety of facilities such as fitness centers, hospitals, shopping centers, etc to complete the project and meet the needs of the customer. However, to become the most prosperous residential area of ​​Saigon as desired by investors, it still has to wait several years, until all the planning around the project is completed.

life space of Gem Riverside

Gem Riverside is like “Europe Miniature” located in the heart of Saigon

Update progress of Gem Riverside project in District 2 in early 2018.

Although not properly launched, Gem Riverside project has attracted a large number of customers in the first sale. Up to now, there is no official price for the Gem Riverside apartments but we believe that the price of Gem Riverside apartments will be extremely reasonable compared to customers and apartments near there.

Especially, with the reputation of the owner and the reputation of An Phong construction contractor, you can be assured of the progress and quality of Gem Riverside will be completed as expected.

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