Progress Of The New City Binh Khanh Apartment Project

How is New City Binh Khanh District 2 progressing? Let’s Vietnam Real Estate explore the progress of building and executing New City Thu Thiem apartment project invested by Thuan Viet Company.New City Thu Thiem apartment project invested by Thuan Viet Company.

For those who are particularly interested in the project of New City Thu Thiem, perhaps the issue of progress is the most important information. So, currently, the project of New City Thu Thiem is being developed by Thuan Viet in what stage? When will the new project officially open for sale and transfer complete apartment?

Your questions will be answered immediately. In addition, as this information is subject to change from time to time, we will continue to update to provide you with the fastest, most accurate approach to the project.

Update of Thu Thiem New City Project at the moment:

Binh Khanh New City apartment

Perspective of Binh Khanh New City apartment project in front of Mai Chi Tho street, District 2

The project of New City in Thu Thiem, District 2, formerly known as Binh Khanh Apartment, Thuan Viet Apartment, is a project located in the Saigon Gateway Area. This is a project invested and developed by a joint venture of three prestigious investors: Thuan Viet, Thanh Thanh Cong and Sacomreal. This is a project approved by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, approved construction two years ago, to the present time New City Thu Thiem is entering the final stage.

Of the few apartments in District 2, the project is now finalized and is running in the interior to be ready for the upcoming launch this year. According to the plan from the owner, the time from the sale until the delivery of the apartment to the owner will be only a month apart. As such, customers who buy products in New City of Thu Thiem do not need to worry about waiting time, as well as the risk. Because when you order an apartment, the apartment also exists, is available but not on the planning paper. This ensures a distinct certainty, in the real estate market, most are land projects to raise funds from buyers.

In addition to the exterior, utility is also an important item that at this time, investors and partners of the project New City Thu Thiem is also completing the final stage.

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Currently, the East of Ho Chi Minh City, especially on the prime land at Saigon gate, Thu Thiem New Project is really becoming a real estate project bright, attracting a lot of customers. With its location on the frontage of Mai Chi Tho Street, important for traffic, it is adjacent to the high-grade urban areas of The Sun Avenue and Dai Quang Minh Sala urban area, as well as the intersection of stations number 6, 7 of the modern Metro line, Thu Thiem New City is highly regarded for its high potential value.

With the advantage of location, full ownership of internal facilities fully closed, the same super price (only from $1522 /sqm), New City project Thu Thiem promises to create boom fever in the world. Southern real estate when it began to open semi-official. You can find out more about specific time in the next section.

Opening time and delivery time of apartments in New City Project Thu Thiem?

Received much attention from the project, until the present time New City Thu Thiem has reached the final stretch and has confirmed some of its success.

Binh Khanh New City apartment

Perspective of Binh Khanh New City apartment project in front of Mai Chi Tho street, District 2, HCMC

The project has not yet officially opened for sale. However, according to the previous announcement made by the owner, only about a month longer, New City Thuan Viet will officially “on the floor” for many customers interested in choosing. It is possible that the investor will also divide the project into several sales openings, each block, item in the plan. However, you can rest assured that in the second quarter of 2017, New City Thu Thiem will be launched, and only after a month, complete apartments will also be officially handed over to the landlord that booked early.

The apartment is furnished with full furniture, equipped with facilities from prestigious European brands, including: bedroom wood flooring, lighting equipment, gypsum ceiling, double security door, TOTO sanitary ware, standing bath, TEKA kitchen equipment…

From now on, you can contact us to book your apartment in New City. Regardless of the project in the resettlement site, the project overview was redeemed in the B + segment. Therefore, when spending the amount of $1522 /sqm, equivalent to $78260/ 2 bedroom apartment… to own the ideal living space in New City between the most promising land in Saigon, really is a wise choice.

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Above are some basic information that we regularly updated about the project New City Thu Thiem. In order not to miss the opportunity, you should constantly follow up our articles.

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