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Project Buyers Should Know: 10 Standards For A Luxury Apartment Project

On the market today, it is easy to see that there are many housing projects offered and labeled “luxury apartment”. But few real estate projects meet the standards of a high-end apartment. So, what are the criteria for a high-end apartment project?

In this article, Vietnam real estate would like to be quoted for the first 10 basic criteria selected by experts for the importance of evaluating a high-end apartment project.

Standard 1: Location

Placement is always the most important factor for homebuyers to decide on their destination. And the factors that need to be considered in relation to the location of a project are the location of the project, the ability to connect the surrounding facilities with the project, the location of the project according to the feng shui.

Project buyers should know: 10 standards for a luxury apartment project
Luxury apartment projects always have a prime location

Standard 2: Local Utility

In addition to location, local utility is also one of the most important criteria to evaluate the value of a project. In addition to the basic facilities of elevator, security, parking … first of all, it is the commercial center, area for community activities, Gym room, yoga, amusement and sports Children are also very interested customers. Swimming pools, hanging gardens and fountains are also factors that help to “score points” for high-end apartment projects.

Standard 3: Apartment Design

The third standard to consider is the flat design. In the architectural design of the apartment, there must be a full room including a bedroom, living room, separate dining room, separate kitchen area with living area, restroom, beauty salon) and other rooms. It is very clear that luxury apartments must have an area of 70sqm or more, the main bedroom is over 20sqm must have its own toilet.

Standard 4: Green

In addition to the requirements for utility and apartment design, “green design” is the fourth standard of a high-end apartment building. Green design not only requires urban green space, water surface, green carpet with high coverage that every project in the city when designing must take into account factors of energy saving and effective use. and make use of renewable energy. High-end apartments with green design bring urban residents a clean and green living and a balance between busy city. Find out more 12 high-density green space projects in HCMC

Project buyers should know: 10 standards for a luxury apartment project
High-end projects must be green

Standard 5: Smart technology application

The high-end apartment we are aiming for is not just what we see in appearance but also in each apartment, house. There, the smart solution is actually bringing residents a civilized lifestyle, utility. For example, security systems, fire alarms are activated accurately and efficiently when problems occur, home appliances are controlled by touch technology, wireless technology, voice commands.

Criteria 6: Project quality

Project quality is also an important criterion for a high-end project. A high-end apartment cannot lack the quality of high-end construction. Construction quality as bone, but furniture as human clothing. Clothing can be renewed, beautiful, but healthy bones make people healthy. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the apartment building, modern construction techniques are needed for professional construction management.

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Standard 7: Prestigious Investor

A high-end apartment project must be a project developed by a reputable developer. A reputable investor will ensure the progress of the project as committed, and the quality of the project will be ensured. And most importantly, a reputable investor will solve the problems that arise when the apartment is put into use.

Project buyers should know: 10 standards for a luxury apartment project
Prestigious investors will know how to create high-end apartment projects

Standard 8: Quality management

Quality of service management is one of the important factors when distinguishing a high-end apartment and a popular apartment. High-end apartments will ensure the security, professionalism of facilities, services management and operation of the building. High-end apartments will also offer a service fee consistent with the quality of the building management.

Standard 9: Intellectual and civilized community

High-end housing is for high-level people (eg, intellectual, educated, high income, responsible for the community). level. These factors will automatically lead to that luxury.

Standard 10: Price

The tenth important thing to evaluate a high-end condo project is the price. High-end condominiums with high standards will, of course, always have a higher price than other condominiums. On the market today, the price of high-end apartment projects is about 30 million/ sqm.

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