Property In Gold Apartment On Pham Hung Street Is The Only §42.609

Just about §42.609 initially, equivalent to 30% of the apartment value, customers will own right apartment Sunshine Center gold 5 stars. The project is located at 16 Pham Hung (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) – the gold location in the West of the capital.

Solve the profit problem for the customer

Possessing strong financial strength and smart property development strategy, Sunshine Group made an impression on the real estate market from the beginning of 2016 with the continuous launch of a series of high-end projects. In it, Sunshine Center with a gold apartment, royal space is considered the symbol of real estate development of this corporation.

High quality, perfect service but golden child Sunshine Center is sold with friendly price only from §1522 / sqm, with attractive incentives.

Specifically, customers who buy Sunshine Center apartments will be offered a three-year managed service package, a loose furniture package worth up to §10.870, an iPhone phone to track the progress of the project and information from the owner.

Sunshine Center Project

With a 1 billion in hand, guests receive a double benefit when buying a home at Sunshine Center

Sunshine Group also has not forgotten to go along with customers through attractive financial support policies. Accordingly, customers who buy Sunshine Center apartments will be supported by banks to lend 65% of the apartment value, the duration of the loan up to 20 years with a series of policies to support interest rates, attractive interest repayment.

In particular, Sunshine Center has a commitment to lease back the apartment with a profit of up to §1304 per month for 3 years for customers wishing to participate in the business commission. According to economic experts, this program is a new lease, bringing the maximum benefits for home buyers that few investors in Hanoi do.

After reading information about this project, Vu Quang Han (Phu Dien, Tu Liem, Hanoi) made the calculation: “With the interest rate of 6% per annum assuming that the bank sends §86.957, the interest earned by clients is estimated at §435 per month. While investing in apartments at Sunshine Center and then renting out, I get §1304 a month each month. “

“After 3 years, the rent for the apartment will be over §43.478, after 10 years, I can accumulate about §156.522 – this amount is enough to cover all principal and interest for the bank. I have the right to own the apartment, “Mr. Han excited

This is a fairly accurate and transparent solution to the problem of economic benefits that Mr. Han and many customers can apply when buying Sunshine Center today.

So, just spend about §42.609, equivalent to 30% of the total value of the apartment for the first payment, customers will own 5-star luxury apartment on Pham Hung Street, Hanoi.

Special features of the Sunshine Center apartment

Located in the golden West of the capital, Sunshine Center is a complex of high-end business, office and luxury apartments. The project was inspired by Trump Tower, Manhattan – a prominent building in New York and tied to the name of US President Donald Trump.

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Like most high-end real estate projects in the world, Sunshine Center is well-invested in architecture, interior and 5-star amenities. All details are meticulously prepared.

Sunshine Center Project

For the first time in Hanoi, the rich life is dreamed of being re-imagined at the Sunshine Center

With a total investment of up to §86.956.522, Sunshine Center apartments are designed with a space of over 100 sqm, with airy spaces, maximizing the space and the use of glass floor, differentiating between real estate projects and segment.

In particular, Sunshine Center residents enjoy the highest level of hi-tech systems that the owner equips as a fully-integrated smart card system. This is a travel card that allows residents to enjoy free 5-star facilities such as swimming pools, community book libraries, children’s play areas…in any Sunshine Group project.

The Sunshine Center also has a showroom, supercars, gems, diamonds serve the tastes of the owner’s grave. This will also be the venue for the launch of new product lines, limited edition dedicated to special customers.

Sunshine Center Project

Sunshine Center – Golden apartment at the heart of the capital’s real estate development

What makes Sunshine Center stand out in the eyes of the elite is its prime location. The project is at the heart of the capital’s real estate triangle, benefiting from three waves of development: the inner core, the West Lake area and the new development zone west of Hanoi.

If the American tycoon is always strong for the product with good location, possessing the potential to increase the price of luxury apartments in Sunshine Center will be a piece of cake for investors in the north.

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