Prosperity is shown through the arena

The Arena, which has created its own strong appeal to the public and investors, has stirred the resort real estate market. The project also has beautiful architectural design of the nest nest.

Condotel apartment is the customer has the best decision, because the apartment here will bring different levels to match the social status of the owner of the apartment.

Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh

Location Condotel The Arena cam Ranh where the convergence of success factors

Potential of development

Not famous as the five-star international hotel in Vietnam, the Arena project is built with many unique facilities – that is the symbol of luxury and class.

According to Savill, it is estimated that by 2019, condotel will account for 65% of Second Home supply in coastal markets. This hotel segment is in a fierce competition with many different projects. In order to increase the competitiveness of the Arena Resort project, the strategy adopted by Marina Hotel JSC is to use quality and convenience as a factor to create prestige and trust for customers.

It is for this reason that it has decided to “shake hands” with Switzerland’s leading hotel management brand, Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts, the prestigious design firm GrandLand to build a joint venture to build a project. Luxury apartment hotel with many unique amenities.

Unique combination of unique recreational model architecture, along with great resort

Unique combination of unique recreational model architecture, along with great resort

Swisstouches’ rigorous 5 star standards are compliant with: standards for restaurants, children’s play areas, casino, pool quality, spa facilities, and services. Recreational areas … the logistics areas must include: laundry room, electricity and water supply, ventilation system … to ensure sufficient productivity to meet in situations of overloading the number of guests or emergency hotel.

Grade-end facilities are available inside Nha Trang’s Condotel project

The high floor swimming pool of the 5-star hotel is specially designed in high elevation, so you will enjoy the beautiful Nha Trang Bay, giving you the feeling of being in harmony with nature. I am in the blue sea. On the other hand, the swimming pool also has views overlooking the mountain ranges covered with clouded clouds, which help visitors enjoy the feeling of floating with clouds.

The swimming pool has an exclusive area for adults and children, using saltwater and heating thanks to an environmentally friendly system. Immerse yourself in an ideal space at the top floor of The Arena, where you can enjoy fresh air and breathe fresh air, especially at sunrise and sunset. everyday.

The system of utilities

The system of utilities is reviewed, and people are paying attention

To ensure maximum comfort and meet the strict 5 star standard, the hotel apartment project is devoted to the construction of one to two restaurants designed specifically to serve a variety of European cuisine. – Asia suit the taste of many domestic and foreign customers.

Designed with elegance and class, the restaurant cooperates with a team of many prestigious awards, honored to serve diners creative dishes from around the world.

Are there any other facilities added to the project?

Casino is one of the types of high-end entertainment is usually for tourists “giants” and foreign, with monumental scale of investment value terrible. Visitors to the casino of this place will have the experience of comfortable and superior services. Not only attracting customers to the resort, it is also a complex of entertainment areas such as Spa, Gym room, commercial center … This is considered as the highlight of the hotel apartment project. Five star international in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang Bay’s Condotel The Arena project has brought a whole new value of living, full of energy, extremely modern and luxurious. Not only have the luxury interior chain, Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh also bring out the convenience of outlying areas can not be better.

This promises that the project can become a frequent destination for wealthy people – potential buyers, contributing to the added value of the project. Currently, the main buyers of luxury real estate and condominiums are those who have invested and are quite selective in their choice of investment or residential property.

Therefore, not only look at one side of the price, as well as the quality of the work that customers increasingly demand more architectural design, living space … must show the class , model. The focus of investment in high-class utilities has attracted much attention from domestic and foreign investors.

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