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Public Spaces In The Apartment: Not Enough

Living Space Of The Apartment

Condominiums are increasingly mushrooming in Hanoi’s inner-city districts, but it seems that many investors only take advantage of the area of land built for sale but ignore the general living space for residents

Playground in the apartment

During the summer holidays, the demand for a common space in buildings is ever hotter than ever. Although this problem has been repeated year after year, the story of common space in condominiums remains a mystery.

Investigations in many apartment buildings, children’s playgrounds are in serious shortage. In addition, the common living space of some buildings is also called “yes” because it is also confined in a small courtyard or on the sidewalk next to the cars and motorcycles parked. Therefore, most of the children’s playground activities are mainly cycling.

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According to Hoang, a resident of Golden West Building (No. 2 Le Van Thiem, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District), the building has more than 1,000 just have 30 sqm play area. Motorbikes are tight doors, cars are full of roads, want to walk no place. The building also has a park, flower garden, not only that, investors have not completed the living room community as well as the floor of trees. Sometimes I do not want to let children down the road for fear of passing cars.

Living Space Of The Apartment
Lack of living space for the people of the apartment

Similarly, at the HH2 Bac Ha building on To Huu Street, with a system of over 20 floors and 300 apartments, there is absolutely no play area for children. Because right on the surface is the ownership of companies, cafes, eateries have been leased to investors. For a place to play for children, or walkers for the elderly, must go further.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, who lives here, said: “The fact that the family chooses this apartment is just a place to do business office, so do not pay attention to the playground common to the children. When the family has more babies, grandmothers from the countryside should stay with them to take care of them, and the babies start their summer holidays to see that it is very difficult to find a place to play. Busy work, the anchor is not convenient to take the children to the park every day, so most of the time his family is in the house watching television or reading book.

Similar to Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh, one of the first typical urban areas of Hanoi and also famous because there is no common living space, more and more new buildings are built area for the community. Nguyen Thi Hai, a resident of the 34T building, said: “Previously, on the first floor of the building, there were only banks and offices for rent. Coffee, the area of the playground at this project is being occupied by the owner of the parking lot and the stalls occupy most of the public area. There are also several stone benches available for fencing. For small children’s spaces, only small niches can be found in the middle of the buildings.

General living space standards

The Housing Act 2014 provides for common ownership of public facilities in apartments including common yards, gardens, parks and other facilities.

Also in the construction regulations of Vietnam clearly stated that in the housing groups need to build gardens, playgrounds with a service radius of not more than 300m. Specifically, if the area of land is 50 sqm or less, the density of construction is 100%.The land area of 75 sqm is built 90% of the plot is 100 sqm only 80%. According to this standard, if the area of the plot is large, the construction density is less to leave room for common space.

Living Space Of The Apartment
Living space missing before the back of apartment

Similarly, the National Technical Regulation on housing and public works clearly states that for many blocks in the same building project, space is allowed to serve common activities throughout the area. Total area for the whole area will be reduced to 50%. The radius of the blocks to the general living space does not exceed 500 m.

Still, the construction of apartment buildings is a solution to solve the housing needs of many people, contributing to saving land funds and increasing the area of trees as well as public works. But one of the problems that exist in architectural planning and construction of tall buildings in Vietnam’s major cities is the lack of space for community activities. The fact that these vacant spaces are usually designed in the alleyway between two buildings or in front of the hall of the building so the area is almost no large, investors “do not pay attention” to this area.

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Public Spaces In The Apartment: Not Enough

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