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Quick questions on bank loans by mortgage red book housing

What is the cheapest mortgage loan?

How much is the interest rate for bank loans by mortgaging mortgages, the maximum mortgage loan amount, when a mortgage loan is taken? The answers to these questions will be answered in the article below.

Question 1: What is the interest rate for bank loans?

Answer: Depending on each bank will have a different interest rate policy. Normally, banks do not announce specific interest rates, but only record competitive interest rates, fluctuating lending rates in the range of 8% to 11.5% per annum.

Question 2: What is the cheapest mortgage loan?

Answer: At present, the interest rate of the bank varies according to market movements, and depending on the strategy of the bank, it is difficult for borrowers to determine which bank is the lender of the lowest interest rate. . It is possible that at this time the bank focuses on credit growth, there will be preferential lending policies to attract customers, but at other times they focus on developing deposits, then interest rates Loans rise again.

What is the cheapest mortgage loan?
In the form of mortgage loans, each bank will have different lending rates. Illustration

Question 3: How long can the borrower get the loan amount?

Answer: This problem also depends on each bank, normally if the borrower provides full records for bank staff, the borrower will be disbursed within 3 working days.

Question 4: When borrowing a mortgage, does the borrower have to pay anything?

Answer: Yes, the borrower will have to pay some fees such as property valuation fees, notary fees and secured transaction registration fees, these fees are often posted publicly at notary offices, All fees are determined by the government, except for the fees set by each bank.

Question 5: Borrowers with a red book, how many years are they borrowed?

Answer: Depending on the purpose of borrowing from customers, such as customers who need loans to buy houses, the loan period will last from 5 years to 20 years, even 30 years; For customers who need loans to build houses, the loan term is 15 years. In the end, customers borrow money for repairs, procurement of goods and car purchase, the maximum loan term is 5 years.

Question 6: How much is the maximum loan?

Answer: The maximum amount you can borrow will depend on a number of factors, such as your source of income, your type of land, residential land or agricultural land. 60% to 80% of the value of your land.

Question 7: Can agricultural land mortgage?

Answer: Yes, the bank still accepts mortgages as agricultural land, except for forest land, which are banks that do not accept mortgages.

Question 8: Do not have a red book, have a mortgage?

Answer: In case your home does not have a red book, you can not get a mortgage in the red book, the mortgage must have a red book and when the mortgage the bank will keep the original red book of your time. borrowing.

Question 9: What is the short-term loan period? How long is the medium term loan?

Answer: Typically, short-term loans are loans of 12 months or less, and medium-term loans are over 12 months to 60 months.

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4 note when borrowing the red book mortgage at the banks today

  • It is advisable to compare the bank interest rate and the bank’s preferential policies in each period as each period will have different interest rate preferences.
  • Your loan portfolio will be divided into VIP Profiles, Standard Profiles, Substandard Profiles, Excluded Applications, and each type of application that will be applied at the interest rate.
  • The value of mortgage loan books at the bank is not small, so you need to consider the calculation to take advantage of the best interest rates.
  • Be prepared to pay the right source of debt to help you balance the repayment of a reasonable debt without having to repay debt leading to bad debt, bad debt.

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