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Rach Chiec Sports Complex project selected American designers

Saigon sport City project

On May 18, HCM City People’s Committee has announced the decision to select the design options for the design of Rach Chiec Sports Complex of Sasaki Consulting Company (USA).

Sasaki Consulting Company will continue to complete the plan to submit the planning zoning 1 / 2.000 to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

“At present, Sasaki is planning a 1 / 2,000 project and must wait for the appraisal, approval, and release beforehand,” the director of the Rach Chiec Sports Center Tran Nhat Ha said. It is not timely to start in 2018. There is still time to host the SEA Games 2021 or not, it is still unknown because Ho Chi Minh City has not yet been approved by the Government. The government will have another option. “

However, according to Mr. Nhat Ha, the construction of Rach Chiec Sports Complex is not for SEA Games 2021, because in principle, Ho Chi Minh City still has to implement the plan according to the roadmap.

Before being selected, Sasaki Consulting Company together with HTT of the French-Vietnamese architect Ho Thieu Tri presented the design of the Rach Chiec National Sport Complex to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

Perspective of the Sasaki Sports Complex of Sasaki
Perspective of the Sasaki Sports Complex of Sasaki

According to a HCMC Department of Culture and Sports, the design of HTT Consulting is very good, but due to different planning tasks, it was not chosen.

However, HTT Consulting will continue to pursue the design of the 50,000-seat stadium at Rach Chiec National Sports Complex.

Known in the design of Sasaki Consulting, the Rach Chiec National Sports Complex will be similar to the Singapore Sports Hub complex hosted by the SEA Games 2015 for saving land and connecting with good community.

Rach Chiec Sports Complex: The “kick” for real estate in the East

According to Rever analysis, the eastern part of the city is now considered to have many advantages due to its complete infrastructure and good traffic connections. Meanwhile, the Rach Chiec Sports Complex is planned to be built in the heart of Saigon East, next to Thu Thiem New Urban Area, part of which is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh Expressway – Dau Giay, a part of the border with Mai Chi Tho Street, Hanoi Highway.

According to the plan, in less than half a year, the project will go into construction, creating a new look for the East of HCMC. Clearly, this project does not only raise the value of projects within the radius of the surrounding area but also have a strong impact on the real estate market.

The Palm City project
The Palm City project is near the Rach Chiec Sports Complex which is under construction

A real estate expert has said that the factors that make the property attractive, the value of real estate not only depend on the reputation of the owner, location, quality of construction, construction progress but also enhanced with traffic connections and facilities, works around the project.

Through the fact finding, District 2 and part of District 9 are adjacent to the project, which is one of the most active in the East. Not only that, the price of apartments, land around the area tends to increase from 20 to 30%. Understanding the trend, a series of projects of investors are accelerating the construction progress.

A number of real estate businesses, both local and foreign, took advantage of the opportunity to “re-launch” the re-launch of Rach Chiec Sports Complex to further accelerate the pace of their project construction here. . For example, Lake View City project of Novaland investor located in front of Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway with the scale of 3.6 hectares, is being rushed to launch the market in time.

Or, the Palm City project developed by South Rach Gia Company (Keppel Land – Tran Thai Joint Venture) adjacent to the Thu Thiem new urban area is also benefiting from the super project, pushing the value increase, attract more customers …

In addition to the two Lakeview City and Palm City projects mentioned above, another project that Rever said will create a “strong” attraction and benefit from the Rach Chiec Sports Complex project in the coming time. Saigon Sports City project in An Phu Ward, District 2.

Saigon sport City project
The perspective of Saigon Sports City project

Saigon Sports City project is invested by Keppel Land, located in front of Song Hanh road, near the intersection of Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway. The project is located adjacent to the major urban areas in District 2 such as South Rach Chiec urban area, Sala urban area, Thu Thiem urban area and adjacent to the Rach Chiec Sports Complex. With the advantage of location, residents of Saigon Sports City project easily move to urban areas, amusement and administrative – economic center in District 2 and District 1. Location specific project Saigon Sports City as follows:

  • East: adjacent to Sai Gon – Binh An (Now renamed: Himlam – Binh An)
  • West: adjacent to the center of the physical training and sports (Zone B) and entertainment area (zone C) of the Rach Chiec sports complex.
  • North: border on Rach Chiec river.
  • To the south: It borders on Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway.

With the advantage of location, the ability to link the area from Saigon Sports City project is very convenient:

  • About 5 minutes to the Palm City Urban Area, Lake View and Rach Chiec Sports Complex
  • About 7 minutes to Sala – Dai Quang Minh
  • About 10 minutes about Thu Thiem urban area.
  • About 15 minutes to District 1.
Location of Saigon Sports City project
Saigon Sportrs City project’s Location

Certainly, with the infrastructure system is improving strongly, Rach Chiec Sports Complex will be a strong lever for the real estate market in the East in the coming time. Not only that, if Vietnam becomes the venue for SEA Games 31 and Rach Chiec Sports Complex, HCMC becomes the venue of the event, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign visitors to attend. It is expected that in the near future, the real estate market in the East will be very exciting and attractive to investors.

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