Real estate along highway 32 “attract” customers thanks to less virtual price

After the price fever in the suburbs of Hanoi in 2010, the current real estate price along National Highway 32 is now returning to real value and is attracted both investors and buyers.

Many projects along the route is “reviving”

According to experienced real estate investors, the area which develops infrastructure such as bridges and roads, the value of the land will increase and attract much attention from customers. And when information about the plan of National Highway 32 was launched in 2010-2011, real estate along this route increased at sky prices but fell into “immobility” status immediately after.

Nearly 7 years later, in this area, as Highway 32 “is changing” every day, real estate projects are getting good liquidity because it has returned to its true value. Along Highway 32, it is easily to see many projects which are developed with urgent progress such as Goldmark City Apartments, Bright City, Tan Tay Do, xpHOMES and land ground projects such as The Phoenix Garden, North 32 or Westpoint – South 32 …

According to the survey of the author, property prices here have decreased about 35 – 45% compared to the price fever time and return to real value. For example, at the Westpoint – South 32 land ground project, the price is only from 21 million /m2. In addition,  it is supported by bank loan due to having the red book should attract the attention of customers …

Potential in the near future

Over the weekend, though in the lunar July, the number of transactions on projects has not decreased but has even increased. And many customers hoped that the real estate value in this area will really increase price in the near future because when Hoai Duc is promoted t district level, this area will develop to the core of the new financial – economic center of the capital.

In addition, the northwestern part of the capital is considered as the most advantageous area for transport infrastructure development because there are large roads connected to the urban core and other urban districts, as well as many major roads linking satellite cities and neighboring districts by the main arteries routes such as National Highway 32, West Thang Long Road, Ring Road 4, Nhon overhead railway – Hanoi Railway Station.

Specially, in addition to Hoai Duc will be promoted to district level, Dan Phuong district is also identified as the ecological urban area associated with high quality public services on education, health in the S1 subdivision of the urban area and western part of Ring road 4 in the greenery corridor area.

This greenery corridor area will develop models of farm, scientific research serving for agriculture, zone area to protect and preserve traditional craft villages, biodiversity area and high productivity agricultural areas; develop the system of social and technical infrastructures for the entire urban area, especially inter-urban transport systems.

When the real estate market develops sustainably, the buyer will be interested in the location, infrastructure or utilities of the project. That is because it is essential to bring the ideal living environment as well as the ability to bring sustainable value for investment.

Therefore, it is easy to understand why real estate projects along Highway 32 receive great interest from buyers in recent times.

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