Real Estate Brokers Cheated Customers

There are a lot of real estate companies cheating customers with enough measures such as tax evasion, selling land project “drawing”, increase selling price compared to the original price … and also hired people to scrimmage customers. They do everything to get customers into the trap, then shirk responsibility.

Raise the sale price

In May 2016, Kim Phat Real Estate Joint Stock Company (246 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) signed a real estate consultancy and brokerage contract for Trang Bom residential area Trang Bom, Dong Nai) with Long Kim Phat Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Long Binh Tan Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province).

Accordingly, Long Kim Phat Company will pay Kim Phat Company 12% brokerage fee on the total price.

But in fact, Kim Phat Company changed the name of the project, raised the price of the land and signed with the client the overlapping civil contracts to legalize the difference and not invoice the customer. .

Kim Phat Company will pay Kim Phat Company 12%

One customer Kim Phat Company tricked up the price of land transfer in Trang Bom district, Dong Nai

In both cases, Kim Phat Company distributes nearly 100 lots, each plot covers an area of ​​101 – 350m2.

Initial sale price of the investor ranged from 427 million to 1.2 billion per plot. But in fact, through 27 records show that the company is through consultancy contracts with prices are raised from 82 to 213 million / lot.

For example, in July 2016, Mr. T.T.T. (Q.3) signed a contract to agree on terms of transfer of land use rights of two land plots with an area of ​​125m2, price 523 million / lot.

However, both plots were upset by the company to 725 million, collecting a difference of 202 million.

According to the regulations, Kim Phat Company must issue 10% VAT invoice on the total proceeds from the distribution of the above two lots of about 31 million.

In addition, Kim Phat also has to pay a 20% corporate income tax of about 62 million. But the company only issued internal receipts to “overtake” the tax authorities.

“When I met the owner, I knew that my two plots of land had been raised at half the cost, asking the company to refund the difference but not solve it,” he said.

Only the amount of money consulting 27 land distribution to customers, Kim Phat Company collected about 3.5 billion.

According to the regulations, Kim Phat Company has to pay the VAT (10% of the total amount of the proceeds), 20% of the corporate income tax (the amount of money deducted VAT).

Add the two Kim Phat Company tax evasion of about 954 million. That is not including personal income tax.

Kim Phat Company also markets and distributes a number of large projects such as The Mall City, Duc Hoa District and Long Kim 2 Residential Area, Ben Luc District (in addition to the projects mentioned above). Long An); Phuoc An new urban area, Nhon Trach district (Dong Nai province).

Cheated customers places to buy and sell real estate

On May 28, Mr.Viet Hung Phat Company gathered its guests at Tao Dan Park to bring it to the project in District 9 (HCM City) but they sent their guests to attend the program to open the project in Long Thanh District, Dong Nai

Sell project “drawing” (Sell fake project)

Not only tax evasion, many real estate brokers also distribute projects that are not legal enough to sell.

In March 2017, Bui Hong Hien (Thuan An town, Binh Duong province) signed a contract of capital contribution for the transfer of land use rights with Viet Hung Phat Investment Joint Stock Company , In District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, two land with the same area of ​​102.5sqm  in residential area project in Hill 61, Trang Bom district (Dong Nai), value of two contracts 1.6 billion.

Mr. Hien transferred to Viet Hung Phat Company total 720 million but the company did not transfer the project legal documents to him.

Mr. Hien repeatedly went to the company claiming the records, the brokerage company asked the staff to go to talk and refused to make the minutes of the meeting.

One month up and down, on May 25 Mr. Hien with his son and two cousins ​​went to the company to request to work, when waiting in the opposite coffee shop,they was rushed by  a group of people.

When the police arrived, they shoot guns to the sky, the team ran away.

Mr.Pham Van Du, head of Ward 14 police station (District 10), said that when the group of Viet Hung Phat company hit people using the supportive equipment, the ward police transferred the file to the district police to investigate and process.

Le Huong Son Company Limited (Le Huong Son Company, headquartered in Dong Nai province) is an investor in Hill 61.

So far, Dong Nai People’s Committee has not yet decided to allocate land to investors. Le Huong Son Company is carrying out procedures for approval of investment policy and is consulting the Ministry of Construction on the position of land use right transfer.

Although clearance, compensation for ground clearance, but on 16-12-2016 Le Huong Son Company has signed the land use right transfer contract at the project for Viet Hung Phat Company.

After that, Viet Hung Phat Company opened sale, signed the contract of capital transfer with customers.

Similarly, on the morning of May 28, Viet Hung Phat Company gathered its guests at Tao Dan Park (District 1) to take part in the program to open the project in District 9.

On the way, the staff said that the project in District 9 was in trouble, delayed the sale, customers will be transferred to Dragon project (Long Thanh, Dong Nai).

At the time of sale, the staff of brokerage constantly change each other about the convenience and facilities around the project.

On the stage, the MC announced the lot number of the deposit. Below, employees continuously “on” the stage, replacing each other “hit” into customer engagement.

Rolled in the open by the juggling of the broker, many customers have “down the money.”

But when asked about the project legal documents, a brokerage staff opened a map site that explained: “The project was divided into plots should be updated on the site, you are assured of legal, buy. Will have the right book “.

Link real estate trading floor to eliminate “disorder” fees, information noise

Collaboration between real estate brokers is one of the initiatives to help reduce the “price bubbles”, information noise.

One of the innovations from the developers of the apartment project can be mentioned is the cooperation between Anpha Holdings Group – the technical management consultant handover project The Park Residence project in Nha Be , Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Trading Platform 3D us.

The real estate transaction system on this IT application platform has been selected as the official unit chosen to carry out the transfer and lease of apartments at The Park Presidence.

Accordingly, the information from the fee, the price of services, … are transparent brokers are not genuine opportunity to “rebellious”.

With the norms and goals of a startup company like “REAL ESTATE VIETNAM” pursued, standardization of regulations and information transparency is a key factor in building trust for customers and business credibility. .

Accordingly, the transfer fee is fixed by 1% and the brokerage fee for one-year contract is one month’s rent. In addition, there is no out-of-pocket fee, even if the business is still donating. Includes free services

The Park

The Park Residences Project

But the seller / buyer or the lessee / lease is more secure is that the transfer file through the investor channel is prioritized approval, transactions through the We are supported the whole procedure Administrative problems arise – which is what makes the parties very hesitant because e will be very tired.

In addition, We is a startup company in the field of real estate brokerage on the online to offline platform, with promotional products, online marketing, and multi-page links to promote advertising to promote transactions for customers. Fast and free.

Even We’s image department not only supports professional home/apartment photography but also builds 3D models so buyers can look more closely at the product they are interested in. .

In fact, We has applied these policies to all customers in the past and it is from the package service that gives customers peace of mind that has led to the decision of the investors to choose us.

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