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Real Estate In District 9 “Brightens” Thanks To Transportation Infrastructure.

real estate District 9

With a vision to 2020, with the advantages of a large land and adjacent to District 2 center (the headquarters of the city will move here in the future), District 9 has been in the planning process.

It is an excellent choice for investors and people who intend to settle in the outskirts of HCM City. The area is being planned synchronously on all economic – cultural – social – transportation items that affect directly the real estate market in the area.

Overall planning in District 9

  1. Planning service center

The two  trade and versatile service zones in the region, city include:

 The multi-purpose commercial center in the east of the city (Tam Da new urban area) of 140-150 ha, located in Truong Thanh ward and Long Truong ward.

The regional multi-purpose service center area: about 97 hectares, located in Long Binh ward.

  1. Public works planning

District 9 administrative center, district public administrative buildings, parks, physical training and sports.

The city-level public-works complex is located in Tam Da new urban area, Truong Thanh Ward.

  1. Planning for high-tech industrial zones in District 9

With the planning plan of District 9 to 2020, the district’s industrial parks will be concentrated at 3 points, with full capacity to develop and enhance competitiveness.

Real estate District 9
Planning map of District 9

Phong Phu textile factory (scale 16ha) scale 114hectares, in Phu Huu Ward. It concentrates on non-polluting production bases in the district and exploits transport potentials of Dong Nai river.

  • Phu Huu industrial zone concentrates on non-polluting production base in area with scale of 114ha that is located in Phu Huu Ward, Dong Nai province.
  • High-Tech Park is located in Tan Phu Ward, Tang Nhon Phu A Ward, Long Thanh My Ward with scale of 913ha.

It is expected that in the future, the second high-tech park, with an area of about 200 hectares, in Long Phuoc Ward.

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  1. Planning the road traffic system in District 9

 The total length of the new roads is 250,272 km.

 External road system with 6 routes, including 2 existing ones: Hanoi Highway (National Highway 52), Hanoi Highway (National Highway 1A).

 Alternate route: Ring Road 2, Ring Road 3, Ring Road 3, Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway. The total length is about 46,324 km.

5.National railway traffic planning, waterway district 9

A rail line along the county highway corridor. Railway traffic in urban is proceeding to build urban railway No. 1 from Ben Thanh to Suoi Tien.

Waterway traffic including Nhieu canal, Rach Chiec – Trau Luu canal, Dong Nai river, Tac river … help to develop waterway transportation.

  1. Planning for research and education centers in District 9

real estate District 9
In Phu Huu Ward, there are two expressways that are Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway connecting Mai Chi Tho street in District 2 and Vuong Dai road 1 towards Phu My bridge through District 7.

District 9 is placed with a number of universities, colleges and professional secondary schools with an area of about 222.8 hectares in Long Phuoc Ward and research institutes.

Arranging the system of vocational training schools for residential, labor and residential units.

  1. Planning the bus station district 9 – facilitate inter-provincial trade

In the future, the East bus station is expected to move to district 9. The district has proposed plans to build a bus station system in the area of 168.21 hectares including:

 Inter-provincial bus station (31.01 hectares)

Dedicated bus (6 hectares)

Taxi parking (4.7 hectares), car park (35.9 hectares)

Passenger ferry clue (0.6 hectares)

Commodity Exchange Center (40 hectares)

Inland clearance warehouse (50 hectares).

According to the planning plan of District 9 until 2020, the district will develop and upgrade the remaining existing roads along the road. Especially, district will have planning of external road traffic. Architectural planning, landscape in district 9 with three core nucleus affect the urban landscape architecture.

Demand for housing in District 9 and momentum about real estate prices

There are many factors that make the demand for housing and price of real estate in District 9 rise, mainly from infrastructure projects and transportation of this area such as Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, Ring Road The metro line 1 (Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien), the new eastern bus station is under construction, the hospital, and especially the strong development of many large companies in the District 9 High Technology Park.

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real estate District 9
Jamila Khang Dien apartment project is becoming the center of real estate in District 9 thanks to “soft”

Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro station is the first premise when connecting directly to the city center to district 9. A series of projects with the metro line development well, which can be referred to as the apartment project Sunwah Pearl Nguyen Huu Canh (just a few steps away is the Metro No. 5 Tan Cang, connecting high-tech District 9 quickly).

The Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway has been operated, drawing a series of projects with potential prices in the future. Real estate projects in District 9 are currently being built along the Do Xuan Hop road, which is about 10 km to the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway and ending at Nguyen Duy Street. Many large projects of some large investors such as Him Lam, Nam Long, Khang Dien chose this place to develop real estate projects. In which Jamila Khang Dien project owns a beautiful location in front of Song Hanh Expressway and competitive price is only VND 22.5 million /sqm.

Along with the infrastructure, the high-tech zone is the lever for real estate in District 9. There are many projects of major technology companies in the world such as Samsung, Intel, Sanofi (France), Nidec (Japan), Datalogic (Italy), Rockwell Automation (USA), etc. When completion, it will attract a large workforce of technicians and specialists working here that increased demand for housing.

The Ring Road is an important transportation route that connects District 2 with District 7 through Phu My Bridge. Therefore, residents living in neighboring District 2 projects like Jamila Khang Dien also move more easily.

Another factor contributing to the rise in District 9’s property prices is the widening impact of high-end real estate projects in District 2. Water on the boat up, real estate in District 2 has boomed and increased the price, then is District 9. This is the rule of the reference region, providing the basis for the comparison and adjustment of prices.

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Real Estate In District 9 “Brightens” Thanks To Transportation Infrastructure.

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