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The Real Estate Of Dong Nai: The Underwater Waves Still Flow

Sinh Loi apartment

Since mid-April of 2017, when Dong Nai province of people’s committee gave the decision to pause the record of split plots to rectify the cases of the arbitrarily split plots, plots, land alienation by the illegal papers which are going many places in the area of the province, more and more clients look to buy land in the full legal project.

“Eliminating bad, keeping beauty”

According to the land register office of Dong Nai province, after this policy was enacted, up to now, the whole province has more than 5,000 records wanting to split plots. Although the decision made for Dong Nai real estate market is not vibrant any longer, so “Eliminating bad, keeping beauty” at this time is necessary.

Observing the happenings of Dong Nai real estate market in recent months showed that, the product provided resource becomes rarely, the amount of money of the investor has the tendency to move aggressively into the project having a good law. Both the investors and the people were very afraid when the investment money to buy land in legal places has still “Twilight” because the risks which are hard to evaluate.

Mr. Hoan who is living in Trang Dai Ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province said that so far, he usually buy the land through the hand papers around the area of Trang Dai to get returns. However, due to the unclear papers, buying land is easy, reselling is very difficult. Everyone thinks that buying land of subdivision households has the cheap price, however, it is expensive and has many potential risks. Since moving towards investment has clearly the legal project, infrastructure planning, elegant, he has got more large profits and no longer afraid as before.

Dongnai real estate
Overall perspective Open Economic Zone

The general mentality of current clients is mostly the same as the case of Mr. Hoan because no one wants to invest in the land product having the poor liquidity, high “empty-handed” risk. Mr. Tung worked as the lawyer who is working at the notary’s public’s office in District 4, HCM said the land transactions have the full legal to notarize of buying through his office always occupying the high rate. From the beginning of the year to now, he has invested many the lands in Dong Nai in the projects which are built with the large scale, and so far, the profits have risen to 30%.

One of the important factors causes the land project in Dong Nai currently attracting that is thanks to the land fund of Dong Nai province-where is near Eastern Gateway of HCM – the land prices are reasonable, while the distance from Dong Nai province to Ho Chi Minh city is not so far. In particular, the products and in the project usually have the beautiful location, the diverse area and wide space, spread infrastructure and utility and wide open areas, internal sync, so the client can satisfy with this project.

The project has the good legal and the strong transactions

From the end of 2016 to now, the real estate market in Dong Nai province including in Bien Hoa and Long Thanh, Nhon Trach district have started to heat up although it sometimes got the “shake”. Particularly, more and more customers in the other provinces bought land here in which the majority came from HCM.

Ms. Tran Thi Cam Tu – CEO of Dona Land real estate company – distribution unit of Long Hung city open economic municipality project said that every day there are many customers to visit the project with about 5-10 successful transactions. Long Hung city open economic municipality is the project having many available advantages on the environment, natural landscapes with more than 28 km of the surrounded river and 22 km of canals weaving in urban, so the customers enjoyed.

Due to the large customers of transactions, the land prices of projects in Dong Nai are rising quite sharply. Particularly, the land prices in Long Hung city open economic municipality project has increased 35% over the average calculating from the time of the sale of the first time in August of 2016. If in the first time of the open sale is 350 USD/sqm, then increasing to 450 USD/sqm, then in the next time of sale opening is about 550 USD/Sqm.

real estate Dongnai
new urban areas

According to the report of reporter of the bidding newspaper, in addition to Long Hung city open economic municipality project, currently the price of land in these projects such as Richland City, Bien Hoa Tower, The Viva City having increased more than 20-30% on average within less than 8 months. With average prices from a few million to about 600 USD/sqm, the land search and investment of the clients still haven’t the sign dwelling.

Ms. Dang Thi Kim Oanh – CEO of Kim Oanh property of joint stock company stated, the remaining months of 2017, Dong Nai real estate will continue having the breakthrough because of the strong demand land of customers. This trend will continue to have the “breakthrough” in the next times.

new project at Dongnai
Dongnai real estate

The real estate experts said that the three hot spots in the real estate market in Dong Nai are Bien Hoa, Long Thanh and Nhon Trach which are places that have been and are going to have the large infrastructure projects. With the advantages of infrastructure, especially, when the international airport in Long Thanh is built, Dong Nai will become the destination of many large secondaries and small investors of property.

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