Real Estate In Ho Chi Minh – Which Opportunities For Investors?

Ho Chi Minh City is a promising land for people who aspire to make a living and live a prosperous life.

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The number of migrants coming to Ho Chi Minh City increases each year, all of which share a common goal of owning land in this prosperous, metropolitan city. And that has made Ho Chi Minh real estate values escalate each year and there are no signs of cooling down.

Ho Chi Minh Real Estate

Ho Chi Minh Real Estate is still a delicious investment cake for investors and no signs of cooling down

With the aim of balancing the population density among districts and reducing the population burden for central districts, Ho Chi Minh City is expanding its infrastructure investment in districts and suburbs. Street as District 2, Thu Duc District, District 9, District 6, Binh Tan District. This has contributed to the cooling of a central-area real estate and opened up opportunities for real estate development in the East, West and South Saigon areas.

Slice of delicious cake is also attractive

A number of transport infrastructure plans with total investment have been and will be implemented to optimize the distance between districts in the city such as Thu Thiem Tunnel crossing the Saigon River, Metro Metro Line Thanh – Suoi Tien, … are the advantages to enhance the value of real estate and investment opportunities for investors.

Ho Chi Minh Real Estate

The Hop Bridge across Saigon River, Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line has become a stepping stone for a series of real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City to raise the value.

One big advantage of Ho Chi Minh Real Estate is that it captures the needs of customers. Real Estate in Ho Chi Minh is quite diverse and fully meet the needs of each class of customers. These include: rental housing for low-income people, middle-class apartments, high-end apartments, townhouses, riverside villas, closed urban areas with internal facilities, land projects A number of apartment projects have been built to meet the housing needs of millions of residents in Saigon, and solve the problem of population density every year. Into the city increased exponentially. The attractive loan packages launched by banks have helped stimulate demand for the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City more exciting than ever. Consecutive apartment projects are offered for sale and almost burn out before the project is completed.

Ho Chi Minh Real Estate

The Sun Avenue apartment complex is located in front of Mai Chi Tho Boulevard invested by Novaland Group. This is one of the real estate projects is burning goods in East Saigon. Expected to start handover from the fourth quarter of 2017, the value of apartments here is from VND2.5 billion to VND3.5 billion

Basic challenges

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However, it must be acknowledged that every field has its weaknesses requiring investors to be very alert and careful, Ho Chi Minh real estate is no exception. Real estate products are being invested large and open most selling in Saigon is the apartment. In addition to the advantage that the value of apartments gradually increases by each stage of construction to create high-profit investment opportunities, easy loan procedures, the apartment type also faced some disadvantages. Customers have to accept the form of prepayment when the project has not yet been demolished, at this point customers will be dominated by virtual advertising information about the infrastructure context, utility. At the same time, the customer must determine the 2-3 years wait to get the finishing house. Invest in apartment apartments customers have to accept a disadvantage apartment value at the time of formation is always low valuation bank loans are quite low compared to the completed apartment.

Ho Chi Minh Real Estate

A situation of apartment project Lilama 584 at 348 Trinh Dinh Trong (Tan Phu District) commenced in August 2009 expected to hand over the house in 11/201. However, in 2017, the project is still under construction during the construction phase, investors cannot yet deliver the term of the house. The customer has made a contractual payment in dilemma, neither claim money nor has a house to stay

After a long period of gloomy, the real es market in Ho Chi Minh City with positive changes is opening up more and more profitable investment opportunities. In order to become a successful investor in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City, you need to firmly grasp the city’s development planning policies and stick to predict the future value of real estate and make the most accurate decisions.

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