How does the real estate market in Dong Nai recently?

Dong Nai real estate market recently? 2018 is probably the most volatile year for the real estate market in Vietnam.

There will be new large-scale projects deployed during this time. This is the right time for those who want to do business in this field. So let’s learn about the real estate market in Dong Nai now.

Population and land situation in Dong Nai

Dong Nai is known as one of the provinces in the Southeast of Vietnam. Dong Nai’s population ranks second in the South. This suggests that the demand for land will be much higher than elsewhere. So the real estate situation here must be much more exciting.

Land prices in Dong Nai

Dong Nai occupies an important position in the Southern economy

Location of Dong Nai is highly appreciated as a place to connect important provinces and cities in the South. Dong Nai is also the key economic zone of the South. So the choice to own a home here is a wise one.

Those who intend to participate in the Dong Nai real estate market should find out soon. This will be a potential market in the present to the future that everyone wants to participate.

Situation of Dong Nai real estate market

So the situation of Dong Nai real estate in recent times like? Can highlight some highlights as follows.

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The first phase of 2017

This is a quite exciting phase of the real estate market in Vietnam. Particularly Dong Nai real estate proved more exciting with the project of belt road 3 Nhon Trach. Besides, Long Thanh Airport project also affected the real estate situation here.

However, land projects are still considered as key projects in Dong Nai and neighboring provinces. With the current momentum, in the future, the real estate market in Dong Nai will be further developed.

At the beginning of the year, the real estate market in Vietnam had a lot of positive changes. And in the late 2017 and early 2018 there are also many important events that can not be ignored. Accordingly, there will be many projects related directly to Dong Nai real estate.

The end of 2017 beginning of 2018

This is a remarkable period when Dong Nai real estate news is receiving many interesting events. The Government approved the project of belt road 3 Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) to implement the first phase. Accordingly, within 3 – 4 years of implementation, this project will be completed.

Information will be available in early 2018 will be 3211 apartments belonging to many large projects will be sold on the Bien Hoa (near Dong Nai). Combined with other airports, bridges and roads, it will be the lever that helps real estate in Dong Nai – Bien Hoa – Binh Duong is much more developed.

Similarly to 2017, in 2018 Dong Nai real estate still takes the land as a key role. This will be a promising market for potential. However, buyers need to be careful with the correct information. The real estate market does not always guarantee the prestige of having a few

Dong Nai real estate in the coming time

As expected, the real estate situation in this area will be further developed. Not only with land projects, related projects but also with social housing projects for low income people. This is a highly regarded project that will be implemented from 2016 until 2020 expected to be completed.

This will be a large project in Dong Nai to serve 100,000 people with low income or workers. At present, the condition of apartments for people living and working here is not enough so this project can very timely solve that.

The above are some key information on the Dong Nai property market for further reference. A thorough understanding of the land and housing situation in Dong Nai will help you choose the right apartment when you need it. So you can catch the information correctly and quickly.

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