Real Estate Market In District 7 – A Fat Grey

The real estate market in District 7 is gradually warming, its attractiveness is causing many people to sit still not even the unprofessional “rich” also step into the real estate.

The rich have ants in their pants.

After a period of downturn in the real estate market, investors began to retreat and District 7 apartment projects were unfinished. Up until now, they rushed and huddled together to invest because now they can see the immediate benefit that this land brings. Investors in the real estate do not have to say anything, but even the rich have money do not know anything about real estate also pull together investment. They never sit back and watch other people invest so easily.

Owning yourself to high-grade apartment projects

Besides the convenient location, the project here has a view overlooking Rach Dia River to welcome the cool breeze from the outside into your room. There are marinas for those who like to surf and walk around on the boat. Typical projects such as The Star Village, VinCity, Hung Phat … and many other projects are close together.

Real Estate District 7

The most unique design in the real estate market in District 7

In addition to the facilities available, each project has a distinct feature, especially with the project Kenton District 7 has a lot of unique design. The two-story theater is designed in air suspension style that Vietnam has not yet done, just behind Singapore one step. This project has a relatively large capacity with a relatively large area between the two zones. This is the first work to be implemented in Vietnam in the world. The face, symbol for real estate market District 7, is the highlight attract customers to the project Kenton.

Kenton District 7 Project is attractive to investors and customers

Kenton District 7 Project has an area of 9.1 hectares and 9 high-rise buildings poked straight into the sky. The buildings are subdivided into many high-grade apartments. Looking as a majestic picture and left a deep impression on many people when they came here. The project has more than 50 state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that help you and your family relax and unwind after a tiring day out.

Real Estate District 7

A beautiful space, an ideal life is what you need

The land is convenient transportation, located on the main road Nguyen Huu Tho intersection with Nguyen Van Linh street, 6 bridges have just been put into use, such as Thu Thiem Bridge, Metro Bridge No. 4 … Only with a good position is that investors are good enough to decide whether or not to invest. Once you’ve invested in this, put hope in the Kenton project. Therefore, the investor of the project has made you feel very secure by the current number of customers, the population is very terrible. At this rate in the future will increase again. So you just have a happy life, you have invested in a short time. It is convenient for you when you invest here.

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